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30 July 2009

Cordyceps, Dementia and Poopin'

My mom has been using Cordyceps for over a month now for her dementia. They absolutely work to keep the people and things away that are present only in her demented mind.

The question is, how much do you take? Good question.

For my mom and me it's been trial and error. Too much makes you need to live on the toilet and too little brings the people and things back.

My mom was tired of poopin' so we cut back on the Cordyceps for her. For my mom, she needs at least 4 a day to keep the people and things away. However, she also needs to be sure not to let out what she believes to be an innocent fart, because it will pack a suprise that will not be too pleasant.

Yesterday she only had 2 Cordyceps which stopped her poopin but brought back her hallucinations. This morning she told me about how she woke up at 2am hearing a crunch crunch sound and believed it was a mouse in the cats food dish. It ended up being her eye glass case.

This morning she told me that she wants the hallucinations to stop. She will take 2 Cordyceps with breakfast and 2 with lunch.

I'm beginning to wonder if the amount of carbs (simple ones like bread and pasta) that you eat with cordyceps determines if you have GI discomfort?

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