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19 July 2009

Our Body is Our Temple

My mom's been doing really well with the Cordyceps and Fenugreek combination. Her blood tests results are phenomenal, showing that her A1C, the number that tells a doctor how bad your diabetes condition is... is now in a normal range for my mom, 5.6.

I'd say the main reason I've become obsessed with helping my mom (as well as myself and the rest of my family) is that I can't bear the thought of seeing her or any of my siblings in a nursing home.

I knew there had to be a solution for my mom. I believed that the body is amazing and can heal itself when given the right food medicine.

People by the cheapest shit food to ingest. A great pride is revealed by many in getting 3 for a dollar macaroni and fake cheese in a box. Mmmm they often say, this is good. My reply, "Really?"

Why is it that people will spend money on big flat screened TV's but when it comes to what they eat, cheap meat and poison in the card board boxes is good enough.

Good enough? Really?

No wonder people are sick and taking a plethora of pharmaceutical drugs to counter side effects of the variety of drugs.

Have you ever read a popular brand nutritional value chart on their bright pretty boxes? Do you know the ingredients? Are they organic? Does the ingredients show High Fructose Corn Syrup, or any corn ingredient for that matter? If so, you are setting yourself up for diabetes, high cholesterol and heart disease.

For years I was like a lot of people, I'd go and buy the cheapest food that I could so that I could make ends meet. I found myself getting lazy and began to buy frozen prepared meals instead of cooking for myself. I began to get fatter and fatter until one day I didn't recognize myself in the mirror.

When I ate the crap food, I got fatter and fatter. All the artificial and so called natural health food in boxes was poison to my system. I felt lousy. I was obese. Everyone that I knew who was eating the same way, were also fat.

It makes me wonder if the drug companies and the corn farmers are in cahoots. Are the corn farmers selling the crappy food product which makes us sick so that we have to buy the new expensive drugs to treat the illnesses? Each new drug brings on new side effects which cause people to take more drugs until you are so damn sick you either die or end up in a nursing home destitute and broke.

Recently, I began to reflect on this and tried to find a reason why people like the easy way. It's not really our fault. Everything in nature will always take the path of least resistance. Same is true with all of us humans. None of us really like confrontation, not with people and definitely not with our bathroom scale.


I've observed not only in my own life but also in others, if we avoid something and don't see it, then it doesn't exist. We can all run but we can never hide from our troubles, especially our health issues.

My brother Ed avoided his health issues and he died at 44. I know his health was bothering him but he was afraid to know what was wrong. Instead he avoided the doctor. Our sister Ann hounded him to get checked out. He finally made an appointment with a doctor. He died in a tragic white water rafting accident 2 days before he got to see the doctor.

Ed was heading for an early nursing home residency. He ate horribly, smoked, drank and was obese. His happiness quotient was very low, looking back, I now believe he was extremely depressed.

I learned from my brother Ed. I saw the importance of taking good care of myself and eating only the best food that I can buy. It's been 8 years since Ed left and for 8 years I've been focused on keeping myself in good health.

Our Bodies are our temples.

I believe that we all have a little God inside of us, it's what joins us all together as one species. It's important to take care of our bodies, it's our vehicle that will take us through life so that we can experience all the joys of living.

A strong body and mind will take us down roads that are lined with laughter and good times.

My personal goal in this lifetime is to keep myself healthy. It's sort of like the safety instructions we all get just before a plane takes off. "take care of yourself first and then you can help others."

I have also learned through my mom that it's never too late to begin to take care of yourself and restore your good health. My mom was really sick.

Our bodies can heal if we give it the best fuel. Cutting corners on what we put into our bodies is pretty stupid. It will end up costing you more money in the long run. Why not learn how to eat right?

Read labels. If they have more than 5 ingredients, especially ingredients that you can't read, don't buy it.

Make your own. Buy a bread machine. You can make your own bread and pasta that is healthy and delicious.

It may take a little bit for your taste buds to adjust to organic fresh foods, but once you kick the box habit, you will begin to crave vegetables.

When you shop for produce, avoid any fruit and vegetables that are conventionally grown. You can tell which ones are not good by the little sticker on the food.

If a sticker begins with a 3... not good - it has been genetically modified. The food may look beautiful, but it has no taste.

If a sticker begins with a 4... still not good. It was sprayed with pesticides - you will ingest them. Again, the food taste crappy.

However, look for a sticker that begins with a 9... this is organic. It may not look like a fairy land vegetable or fruit but the taste will make up for the smaller size and minor blemishes.

Our bodies are our temples, we need to take good care of them. Think about it... we will think nothing about putting the best gas in our vehicles, why not put the best food into our bodies?

Just like good gas in our cars keeps them running better and out of the garage, same is true for our bodies, feed it well and you will run for years with out seeing a doctor.

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