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21 July 2009

Traditional Doctors who give Doctors a bad name

Today we took my mom to her cardiologist. I have not liked this doctor from the very first time that I'd met him, mostly because he seemed more interested in pushing drugs on my elderly mom.

We have argued with this doctor about cholesterol lowering medications, the synthetic kind... the "hey, try this new pill!" kind of meds every time we've visited his office.

I do know that these statins make my mom feel sick; muscle aches and pains, they make her weak. I know that statins weaken muscle tissue. Every time I suggest to the cardiologist that the heart is a muscle, he tells me that the heart isn't a muscle. I always find this shocking, especially coming from a cardiologist!

I've reported in my blog how well my mom's been doing since she began to take Fenugreek and Cordyceps. Her cholesterol (LDL) came down from 197 to 141, her triglycerides came down from 294 to 148. Today, her cardiologist did not even comment on her significantly lower numbers, instead he told us that she needs to be on cholesterol medicine. He told us about a "new pill" that he wanted her to try.

We had gone through this 6 months ago, why does he think we'd change our minds and begin to take these drugs, when we've found a natural solution to the synthetic statins?

I felt myself losing my patience while I listened to this medical professional dribble on and on about cholesterol. He told my mom that she needs to bring her LDL down to 70 or lower!

I asked him why he wouldn't give the Fenugreek and Cordyceps a chance? He admittedly told me that he didn't know what these were... I called him on it. I asked him how he could make a judgment about a treatment that is clearly working when he doesn't know any facts about the remedies. I did give him abstracts about both, who knows if he will ever read them.

The doctor ignored me. He did turn red in the face, while he tried to wish me away.

He continued on and told my mom that she will have a heart attack if she doesn't take his drugs. He gave us an analogy about tires on a car that made no sense at all. This is when I just couldn't listen to him anymore.

I stood up and said, "Ma, I'm sorry I just can't listen to this doctor anymore, we really need to leave."

I then looked at the doctor and said, "Doctor, can't you see my mom is doing better than she was a year ago when she first came to see you?" He said, "In what respect?" Again I couldn't help myself as I said, "Geez Doctor, you sound like Sarah Palin, "In what respect Charlie?"

That's when the doc said he'd see us in a year... hmmm, will he?

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