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05 July 2009

Understanding Dementia

It's absolutely clear to me that my mom has dementia. Somedays she's clear as a bell, other days she's whispering to me about "the people." Her eyes get wild, sort of like a dog who is out of control on a thought.

I've been limiting her carbohydrates and taking notes about what she eats, blood sugar, blood pressure and how much Cordyceps and Fenugreek extract she's taking.

Here's what I discovered about her mind and diet link through observation.

When I feed her a low glycemic diet, complex carbs (legumes), Cordyceps and fenugreek, she does not have any "visitors."

If she eats simple carbs, like store bought bread or pasta (organic, no preservatives), her sugar is regulated with the Cordyceps with blood glucose ranging between 90 and 120, she still "sees" people that are not there.

I began to wonder, what is she doing differently? My first thought is lack of exercise could be contributing to her problem where she wakes in the early morning hours and thinks that she's seeing "the man" or someone else.

Another observation that I made is if she is upset at all during the day and then goes to bed with out resolving the upset (which could be anything), a vision will appear. I'm trying to figure out who "the man" represents.

The night before last she had a visit from "the man" who she believed was murdered and tied up in a pillow case on the floor. It ended up being a big pillow that had fallen off her bed and onto the floor.

She gets frightened by these visitors. I've got to figure out how to keep them away or at least make it so the visitors are friendly visits.

Sometimes you wonder what Freud would say about my mom's visitors.

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