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13 May 2009

The Piano Across the Street

On Monday, I called Uncle Al and he said, "When are you coming to get me?"

I said, "Can I come get you now and take you out? Ask the nurse for me."

Al did and the nurse said, "Sure!"

I was there at the home to get Al 45 minutes later.

Al was thrilled to be going out with me. It was a bright sunny day and he was clearer than he's been in weeks. It was night and day from how he was on Friday.

Al, my mom and I were heading out to for a ride when Uncle Al spotted the piano across the street.

The neighbors are moving and they put their piano on the curb with a FREE sign taped to it.

Fortunately I had my camera with me so I video'd Uncle Al trying to convince me that we needed this piano.

For the last 2 days he's been telling me how valuable the piano is and we need to find a home for it.

This morning I woke up and the piano was gone, it found a home. Boy will Uncle Al be happy that the piano was rescued.

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