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02 May 2009

My Silent Prayer to the Hawk Spirit

Last week I refilled all of my bird feeders around the yard when I found the 50 pound bag in the garage that I had forgotten about.

I could hear the birds joy with finally getting seed, it brought all the pretty birds back. Cardinals, wood peckers, gold finch and others that I don't remember the names. Unfortunately, it also brought back the dang Red Squirrels.

Looking out the kitchen window while preparing vegetables the other day, I noticed the tiny red squirrels chasing the birds away from the feeders... even the woodpecker! This got me mad so I looked out the window and up to the sky and said... OH GREAT HAWK SPIRIT, COME AND GET YOUR DINNER OF RED SQUIRREL, I'VE BEEN FATTENING THEM UP FOR YOU ALL WINTER.

Well, the next day I looked out my window and our Hawk returned! You can see it here ... at the very end you will see the squirrel scare the Hawk. So much for the Hawk's squirrel dinner, it must be a vegetarian hawk who only eats worms.

Last year when I moved in to my new house, the same Hawk visited my back yard every day, twice a day, morning and dusk. I was able to capture it on video before it left. You can see it here - the Hawk, the Squirrel and the Cat.

Now, the cat won't go into the back yard, is horrified of ceiling fans and will only go as far as the deck. My cat is a scaredy cat.

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  1. the cat is RIGHT to be scared... ive heard of many instances where a hawk has carried off cats or small dogs....