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26 May 2009

I'm diabetic, can I eat pasta?

Last week my favorite ocean critters were on sale at the supermarket... lobster, five bucks a pound. Wooo Hooo!

Donna came over and took Ma out for the day, they were going shopping for chairs, shoes, a purse and lobster. Ma came home with 6 lobsters while Donna had a successful shopping day finding a nice purse and a pair of L.L. Bean sneakers for $25 after using a coupon that I had tucked in my purse for months. I was pretty happy to see the $10 coupon get used before it expired.

The only way I ever ate lobster was cooked in a marinara sauce that Anna Muccio taught my parents how to make back when we were neighbors.

I promise to write a post about how to make Lobster the Anna Muccio way in another post.


I cooked up the marinara sauce with all organic tomatoes, olive oil, garlic, basil and oregano. When the sauce was ready, I apologized to the lobsters, put them to sleep and then dropped them one at a time into the sauce to cook.

The house had a fine aroma permeating the rooms which got everyone's hunger revved up. My mom was psyched out of her mind because we were having pasta.

She always served us pasta with the marinara sauce on it while the lobsters cooled, but since she's diabetic, we've pretty much cut pasta out of our diet. It was to be a treat for her.

I was a bit concerned about how she'd react to the pasta, if it would make her see "the man" or "the lady" or kittens or babies... who knows, but I figured screw it, she's nearly 80 years old, let's give pasta a shot.

I took 1 cup cooked thin spaghetti pasta and poured 1 cup of marinara sauce over it. I shucked her lobster and put the sweet meat so that it circled the pasta. I dropped 6 drops of fenugreek extract onto some of the whole tomato chunks. Next, I sprinkled some parmesan cheese and delivered my mom her dinner.

Her blood sugar started out at 90, so I figured we had a good base. We checked her sugar readings in the morning and it was 106. She didn't see anyone or anything and had loads of energy the next day.

With all that energy, I gave her my laundry to wash, dry and fold.


  1. You made your 80 year old mother wash your clothes?

  2. I don't make her wash my cloths, she loves doing laundry and insists on washing them. It makes her feel happy because she is contributing to the family. What I've learned along the way is that as long as we feel needed, we will have a reason to live.

  3. * * * UPDATE * * *
    My mom can not eat any pasta at all, it makes her hallucinate. Her mental cognition is declining but she continues to have more good days than bad.

    Fenugreek does work to lower the affect of eating pasta.

    A really good pasta to try is Quinoa Pasta. It will have a lot of carbs but if you put some fenugreek drops, from my experience, blood sugars do not spike.