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27 May 2009

Fenugreek: Topical uses... does it cure carbuncles?

For decades I've had "fat balls" form on my legs, never sure why, I just chalked it up to one more thing that I inherited from my parents.

Most of my siblings and at least one of my nephews has fat balls develop under their skin.

Last night I couldn't sleep so I woke up and decided to read the internet. Someone came to my blog from an interesting site, so I clicked on the site and learned about carbuncles and fenugreek.

To my absolute amazement... Fenugreek was listed as a cure for carbuncles (fat balls.) The article suggested to make a poultice from the seed and put it on the infected area. It gave instructions to boil the seed for 10 minutes and then make a paste which you put on the fat ball (carbuncle.)

Here's an excerpt from a book that talks about Fenugreek and how it's good for the under the skin infections. The book is a Veterinary Clinical book, hey we're all animals in a sense!

Fenugreek cures carbuncles, boils and skin issues.

So this morning I thought, hmmm... I wonder if my extract in a bottle will work? I dropped one drop on my fat ball that was not showing any signs of expelling the crap inside and rubbed it into the skin. 2 hours later, I looked at it and it is beginning to form a head.

Excited, I took a picture (I'll spare you for now), ran to the medicine cabinet and got a bandage which I proceeded to put 6 drops of fenugreek seed extract . I put the bandage over the little fat ball.

Stay tuned for the data from my experiment of Fenugreek as a topical agent to help fight skin infections.

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