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16 May 2009

Cremation... how much does it cost?

A couple of days ago I got an email from my penpal. It's always great to get a note from her. This one note I thought would be a great email post.

Here it is...

Hey Sue,

I just wanted to ask you a question about cremations. When your brother Ed passed away, how much did it cost to have him cremated and sent back to you? One of the Soccer Association guys sells cremation services and I'm going to discuss some 'plans' with him, or rather, he is trying to sell me something.

I want to be cremated and have my ashes scattered in the ocean in Hawaii.

He's quoting me a price of $1650 for the cremation and have the ashes delivered to my home, the trip to Hawaii and ceremony would all be extra. If I'm living in Hawaii when it happens, then it will be easier!

Just wondering about all of this. One of Ron's good friends passed away from cancer recently so I'm realizing that it's gonna happen no matter what.

I'll write you a nice long email about all the excitement going on in my life. Hope the elders are not making you too insane. :)



It has been just about 8 years since Ed died on a white water rafting trip with our nephews, niece and a few of their friends. Here's a picture of them acting out what happened during Ed's Celebration of Life party.

I didn't remember how much it all cost so I asked my sister Ann. She remembered that it was around 1300 bucks and she's even seen it as low as 800 dollars. Not sure if it's more on the other coast.

I do remember that you need to get permission to dump ashes into the ocean because we thought about doing it with Ed's ashes. Instead, Ed now sits on top of a hill in Washington, Maine in his own little 3 season screen house. Time to visit Ed in the shed!

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