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06 May 2009

My Magic Mary

About 11 years ago when I bought my first house, my dear Aunt Jay bought me a white plastic Virgin Mary statue. I love Mother Mary and Jay wanted to be the one to give the statue for my garden.

My brother in law, Steve Dean (check his work out at http://www.stevedeanart.com ) being the talented artist that he is, painted my white plastic Mary. He even painted her toe nails red, which sort of horrified his little mom, Catherine. I still remember Catherine asking Steve why he painted her nails, he said, "Because they were there." How can you argue with that logic?

Anyway, over the years, Mary stood in my back yard. Somedays she stood tall, other days she was face down on the ground because the wind blew her over. I can't tell you how many times my mom made me trudge out into the snow to stand her back up, but I did it and it was a lot.

Mary had another name for awhile, some called her Scary Mary when the paint on her face began to chip off and her nose was smashed in from hitting the ground so many times.

One Sunday several years ago, I decided to paint Mary. I gave her a fresh coat and she sparkled. Her scary face was no longer scary... it was radiant. Well, as radiant as it could be with a paint job.

Even when the paint was chipping on her plastic face, I still would go and talk to Mary. I'd ask her for help for every one and everything. She always answered my requests. I began to call her "My Magic Mary."

Now, when Uncle Al comes for a visit, I bring him over to where Magic Mary stands proudly in our back yard. He blesses her and himself as he says a little prayer. Now, she's out of the wind, nestled nicely so that she doesn't fall down and smash her face like an alcoholic who's had one too many whiskey's.

She does need a new paint job, a task that I think I'll do this Sunday, in honor of Mother's Day. I think I'll even paint her toe nails bright red in honor of Steve and Catherine.

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