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08 April 2011

Open Letter To Politicians Who Want to Cut Medicare and Medicaid

Hello?!  Is Anyone Listening?

Dear Politicians Who Want to Cut Medicare and Medicaid,

Romans had similar issues as we do in this country; unemployment, heavy military spending, occupation of foreign countries, morals out the window, politicians fighting and all the money with a small group of people. 

I can’t see how our country can go on doing the same thing as the Romans and avoid our own fall.

History is beginning to repeat itself and it freaks me out.

I am concerned for future generations.  We are leaving them a world of slavery where Corporations are worshiped and our identities are tied to “what we do” for a job.

Our military spending is outrageous.  Our occupation of other countries is sinful and makes me feel ashamed. 

I’m sickened that kids get hurt and when they come home they are forgotten.    Wounded soldiers, seniors and children are being left behind; all three have no value to the bottom line.

When Clinton was in office he taxed the wealthy and the rest of us had boom years.  Life was good; we were on the way to paying off our National debt.  We had hope.  Life was great for us.  We had a plan.

I was living the good life during the Clinton years.  Living the American Dream, I did my part to build our economy.   I worked, paid taxes and consumed stuff.

George Bush was elected and suddenly the best smoke and mirrors show ever occurred.  Our countries surplus budget went away, I was laid off, nearly lost my home and the beginning of our inflated and made up deficit came to light with the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. 

Our country began plummeting further and further into debt as more and more money was funneled to defense.  We are in troubled times, just like in Rome before the great fall.

The latest news about cutting Medicare and Medicaid, making it privatized, will cost seniors MORE money in premiums; premiums that only benefit special interests.   

I have one question … how did privatizing retirement plans work out for us citizens?  Why do we believe privatizing our Medicare Insurance that we paid into our entire lives will work out any better?  It’s just another way to keep the illusion going that we are broke!  We’re not broke folks, we just need to balance the wealth.

The middle class is sinking into poverty while the top 1% holds the keys to the chains that are binding us into corporate slavery.  The American Dream is quickly becoming a pipedream.  Every person in our country has become a corporate slave with little free time to spend with the people that matter to us. 

Caring for ill family is challenging, cutting Medicare and Medicaid will make the burden too much for anyone to handle on their own. 

I am speaking from experience.

Before my mom began receiving help and qualified for the Community Based Program, I was her lone care giver.   Sleep deprived, working round the clock, cleaning messes, calming fright from hallucinations, no time off … all the heavy lifting associated with caring for someone with dementia was on my shoulders. 

Families don’t help Care Givers; period and it can’t be expected.   It’s complicated because everyone has their own issues to solve.

It’s been my experience and the experience of so many other care givers that I have met along my journey; we are on our own.   Cutting Medicare and Medicaid would add an incredible burden on the shoulders of the Care Giver in every family. ..  i.e. ME!

There is an easy solution; tax the wealthiest of Americans!  It will bring down the National Debt, it was proven during the Clinton years.  Medicare and Medicaid will be safe.  Social Security will remain untouched.  Unemployment will go down… I’ll be free to get a job and be able to pay taxes.  My taxes will help pay for services like Police, Fire and Teachers. 

Reverse the Bush Era Tax cuts and our economy will get back on track and people will feel hopeful again. 

Right now, I feel like I’m ready to walk into a chamber and get gassed like some of my Polish relatives.

I’m sick that politicians want to cut benefits for seniors.  I don’t know what we’ll do with my mom; she’s broke.  She needs the benefits.  We can’t afford to private pay for a nursing home.  We can’t afford to private pay someone to come in and help my mom or for her day program.    I will be forced to continue caring for my mother in my home; her condition will make it an impossible feat.

Do Republicans who accused the Democrats of death panels, want to euthanize people that can’t afford to pay the costs of a home?   They may as well; the cuts will harm many people… for what purpose?  Tax cuts to the super rich?  How much money do the wealthy need anyway? 

The richest of American's, especially Corporations, need to pay their fair share of taxes. 

Am I even being heard?  

Does anyone care? 

Why do I feel like I’m standing alone, screaming on the edge of the ocean?  


  1. You are not alone, I'm standing right next to you asking the same questions and feeling the same despair!

    Money has always been a driving force. The only difference is that the poor need it to survive, while the rich need it to....what??....get richer??

    And everyday "people" become less important while wealth, greed, and avarice grow exponentially!

    Are we headed for the same end that the Romans came to??? The optimist part of me says, "Nah, it's just a cyclical part of government and party politics"; the pessimist part of me says,"Hell, we're going down for the third time and we don't even know it!"; and the realist is screaming, "HELP!!" to a deaf and morally corrupt world!

  2. Mellodee... I am like you. For years I was an optimist. Now, I am witnessing truth in action; no longer deceived by the pretty pictures and colors.

    I do still have an optimist in me that believes in miracles. We need one.

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