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06 April 2011

Like Living In A Horror Movie

America's Stonehenge
Salem, NH
Yesterday, I saw on the news that the Republican Politicians want to cut Medicare and Medicaid in order to fund tax cuts to the wealthy.  The news is shocking.

How can these few folks have any conscience?  How can these people who claim to be Christians cut the programs that help the disabled and seniors?  Where's the love and compassion that all of them have learned as Christians?

We all pay into the Medicare Tax, it's a social insurance pool, so that one day when we reach 65 we will begin to receive the benefits.  However, Republican politicians like Rep. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin wants to cut Medicare and Medicaid in order for his Corporate cronies to continue to receive more tax cuts.

Blinded by the glitter of promise for salvation from the overlords, politicians chose to cut programs that help folks.  For some people, Medicare or Medicaid is all that they have; without the Federal aid of the insurance plan that the individual paid into for decades, they will die.

I hear the Republican politicians accuse the Democratic politicians of "Death Panels."  Cutting Medicaid and Medicare benefits would cause people to be thrown out of nursing homes because they don't have the money to pay the expenses associated with their care.  The burden of care will land on the laps of relatives; unfair to everyone.

It's as though the Republicans are doing the old switch-a-roo; let's accuse the opposition of doing the very thing we have up our sleeves.  In my opinion, Republicans want the Death Panels because then they can take more of our money and give it to the richest of the rich.

Nursing home care is expensive.  If someone doesn't have money today, Medicaid will pay.  If the Republicans get their way, lots of people will be tossed out, left to fend for themselves.

My mom, she's about to enter a nursing home.  Caring for her has become too difficult as her condition worsens.  I can not imagine caring for my mother in my home without any help.

If the cuts come as we are being threatened, I will be forced to stay home and continue caring for my mother. I will not be able to get a job and pay in to the system with my income tax.  It's how the systems was designed to work; we pay taxes and in return we have services like Fire and Police Departments, Teachers, Libraries and help with Medical conditions.

My solution to our current fabricated deficit is easy, instead of cutting services like Medicaid and Medicare, tax the super rich.  How much money do they need?  Stop the wars, they serve no one but the wealthy.

Watching the news, seeing the ads on TV, hearing the chatter I am left in a state of disbelief.  How can this be happening in my country, the United States of America?  How?  Why?  I have more questions than answers.

Recently, I found my answers when I watched a documentary online; "Ethos the Movie."  It explains the facts behind the corruption that is so intrinsically woven into our countries fibers; shining a bright light on the truth that is frightening to see.  I have been deceived, we all have been and it sucks.

I highly recommend every person in this country, watch this film. It tells us why we are in this mess.  It is our call to action folks.

"Ethos the Movie," narrated by Woody Harellson, explains why we ARE NOT BROKE as a country, it's just that 400 of the wealthiest people, have all the money and won't stop until they have it all.

Gradually, we are losing our freedom to the thugs who possess all of the cash and have bought politicians using the blood of innocent victims.  Politicians, all of them have been poisoned and are drunk with power or fear; not sure which it is at this point.

What gives anyone the right to control us?  

Many people won't watch the film.  I wonder if it's because they would prefer not to know the truth.  Living in a fantasy suits them just fine; sitting like a duck, never seeing the bullet, unpreparedness causing great remorse when it's too late.

It's still not to late for us to take a stand; there are more of us than there are of them.  Mom in her demented state of mind has taught me a valuable lesson; no matter how insane we become, we always have the power of NO on our side.

We can say NO!

History is repeating itself.  My country reminds me of Rome just before the great fall of the Roman Empire.  Fat cat politicians, just like the ones we have here in America, sat on there thrones in ivory towers while the people suffered.  War, unemployment and broken moral compasses being some of the causes of the great decline of a once massive empire.

Greed for money and power consumed their thoughts; like a heroin addict desperate for their next fix.  The outcome was inevitable, Rome fell.  

Is the United States of America dying?  Can we save her?  Is it worth it?

I love my country.  I am heart broken over the lies and deception that keep us all prisoners even though we were led to believe that we are free.

I have made a decision... I'm saying NO MORE.  I am voicing my opinions to everyone who will hear me.  It's not too late if we unite; there is strength in numbers.

Write to your Congressmen, your State and Federal Senators.  Tell them what you think and voice your opinions.  Call with solutions.  Please, do something too.  Please for the sake of future generations and the children of today, write an email, call on the phone, write a letter... talk, talk to everyone.  Raise awareness.

Together we can change the course of history and write a new story for our country, America the Beautiful.


  1. We need to wake up from the nightmare, the myth that has been told to us, that there is nothing we can do, that we are powerless. It is a sad truth that it is 'we' who have shaped our world. Our decisions have either allowed or supported behavior that belongs in the dark ages. But, if we are the cause, then we can also set things right and the tide really is turning. Those who rule us get up early in the morning, those who follow dogma have great zeal. We must always be the voice of reason but we must equal them in energy. get involved. Do something incredible today. Pete McGrain. Writer/Director Ethos.

  2. Thank you for writing the movie Ethos, Pete. I've always known that the Federal Reserve are a bank cartel that owns us. I've also wanted to know who THEY are because THEY are sucking the life out of me.

    The part of the movie that struck me the most was when I saw the politicians from both sides saying THE SAME THINGS. Left and Right are both owned by the same thugs ... the only ones who can stop them are WE THE PEOPLE.

    We can if we think we can... I BELIEVE THAT WE CAN!!!

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