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02 April 2011


Mom, busy counting her "Bingo Money" change jar
Yesterday, it snowed all morning so I made the decision to keep my mom home from "work."  She slept late, which was awesome for me; I got to drink an entire cup of coffee uninterrupted.

Mom woke and was a bit anxious, she felt like she needed to be somewhere as she said, "I need to get to work!"

I had the Frank Sinatra music channel tuned in on Pandora Radio, music seems to distract her, especially when it's a swinging tune that makes her dance.

Anxiety was a little high for her yesterday, I had to think of something to keep her occupied. Like a shot, the thought came to me, "I'll get her change jar from the day when she had clearer thinking, before Lewy took over her brain."

I set her up on the dinning room table with her change.

BINGO!  It worked.

She sat for an hour sorting the change.  It was difficult for her to sort the money, but she didn't seem to care.  My mom has always loved money; counting her change seemed to put her in a happy place.

Mom began walking around the house dancing.  In this mini-video, she had no idea that I was sitting in the room, she loves the song so much, it made her get up and come closer to the TV so that she could listen and dance.  I love it when my mom dances, it means she's happy.

Counting money was something that my mom always enjoyed before she lost her mind.  It is still something that brings her joy.  I'm grateful to have recently found her jar of change, it sure did help us get through the snow day.

Set Mom up in the Den
She counted her change and drank her tea for another hour.

I've learned with Lewy Bodies Dementia, doing activities that remind her of her past seem to give her a sense of control in her life.  The perceived control that she had over her money made her more agreeable and pleasant all day.

We had a GREAT DAY yesterday... even the cats behaved.
Sammy chillin'
Shakti being Shakti


  1. I too love seeing your mom dance :)

    Glad you found an activity to keep her occupied while she missed a work day.
    My husband likes his money too but becomes distressed because he can't count it. It's difficult to watch because he used to do math in his head and was SO good at it! I was always amazed at his ability to do it :)

    Glad you had a good day

  2. Very sweet. I think everyone loves to count money. Of course, I prefer actual bills.

  3. @Kathy... oh, I love it when she dances too. She's been dancing a lot more lately. :)

    Counting money worked only yesterday - I think she got frustrated like your hubby.

    @Cheeseboy... thank you! I am like you, I prefer bills - large bills are best!!!!

  4. Wow - we used an old cigar box full of coins. It worked for mom for months. She sorted and stacked over and over. It was a god send while it lasted.

  5. Susan,
    Honestly , I could of kept on watching your Mom dance. What a lovely sight it was.. I have ( yet another!) lump in my throat.. and she was singing! Awesome :-)

    Your cat, Shakti, is the twin to my Willow I had for 11 years. I blinked when I saw her. And instantly missed my cat. She's beautiful by the way.

    I'm like your Mom, I LOVE counting my change. I also see how far I can stretch it. When hubby comes home from the pipeline , he gives me a bag full of coins. Always brings a smile to my face. :-)

  6. I collect coins. I take them to the bank and normally we get 200-300 euros into our account. Worth to collect!

  7. @ Kim... I love the idea of stacking coins! I'll see if that will work to keep her busy today.

    @Jamie... It is fun to watch my mom dance and sing; she makes me feel good. Gives me a sense that I am doing the right things for her.

    Shakti is an awesome cat... all of our cats are sweet. Even Savita with no teeth and sharp claws... just don't pat her with your hands, you need to use your feet. I'm happy that Shakti's photo reminded you of your Willow.

    Today, I'll try Kim's trick with stacking coins.

    @Blogitse... yes, coins to add up. I haven't rolled coins in years so we have a lot of them to get to the bank and turn into cash!

  8. love your videos. the last time i saw your mom dance was in a video you posted shortly after she was released from the hospital... several months back. she was really "into it" on that video.

    glad you guys had an uneventful snow day.

  9. Thanks, Roschelle! She's having good days now that she's on a small dose (20mg) of Lithium Orotate. No blood tests required like the pharma versions. She is very happy and starting to dance all the time.