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04 April 2011

It Takes Courage To Be A Leader

Me in Alaska
"Excuse me... let me show you the way."
It is dangerous to be right in matters where established men are wrong.

    This morning after my mom left for the day, I began to clean up the kitchen.  I felt my Dad’s energy very strong.  I welcomed him and immediately he was in my mind’s eye speaking to 8 year old me; explaining how important it is to be a leader in life.

    Dad often taught me that it takes courage to be a leader.  

    He believed in the infinite power within that we all possess; he taught me to cherish this incredible energy force that I possess and to build my life around it.  We all possess the power; it’s the sacred energy of life that makes us human and different than inanimate objects. 

    One day I remember him saying, “Susan, there will be other leaders out there in the form of bullies, there are bullies everywhere who want to steal your power.  They will try and take your toys or as you get older, they will try to take anything that you have in order to have power over you.  

    Bullies use fear and they will try to take you away from yourself, but remember only you can give them your power.  To be a leader is to be able to maintain your power, the power of YOU.  Hold it close because it will save you from all harm.  

    Courage, it takes courage to be a leader and YOU are a leader, you have courage.”


    Dad was right; it took courage to be a leader throughout my life.   I've faced many bullies; Lewy Bodies Dementia being the biggest bully of all.  

    I have stood up to the bullies of life, fighting with my intelligence and uncovering the facts.  Courageously, I weathered some tough storms.  I thank my Dad for helping me to have the courage to realize that I have the confidence to do what needs to be done.


    I am confident in my abilities to manifest goodness in my life.  

    Caring for my mom, challenged my confidence in myself.  I was forced to look within and remember WHO I AM and what I am capable of achieving through the power of my intent. It was the only way I was able to be free from the negativity and sadness associated with Lewy Bodies Dementia.  

    Care Giving for another human takes courage, lots of courage mixed with confidence in oneself.  The greatest gift one can recognize is being able to stand before another adult human and help them with the most basic activities of daily living (ADL.)
    In my opinion, Care Giver’s are great leaders because we have compassion.  

    Care Givers are not afraid to face adversity, to stand up and use our voice and say NO for our loved ones.  It takes courage to have faith in ourselves too, to believe that we can even when most folks run in fear.   

    What makes me believe Politicians can learn from the Care Givers of this world? 

    Care Givers are not fearful but hope-filled.  We are compassionate.  Care Givers do what we need to do in order to make a positive change in another human’s life, all while we strive for our own inner peace.  

    "When God created money, he cried."  
    my Polish Grandmother - 1960's

    We  find peace within other humans that we interact with, not our jobs, money or the things money can buy.  Care Giving shows us that "stuff" doesn't matter, the most important element of life is other people and our ability to share life experiences.  

    Believing in the power of ME has helped me to overcome obstacles while providing the fortitude to keep on keeping on.  

    Dad taught me that true Leaders never quit, we change the plan in order to benefit those in our charge.   In my opinion, every Care Giver that I am honored to know and will meet in the future, have the qualities of a true leader.

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