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03 January 2012

Don't Worry... Everything Is Gonna Be Alright

Mom and her baby
December 2011

Happy New Year!

I began this blog post on the morning of New Year's Day.

I woke up, put my iPad down on the table and immediately the Pandora Radio app opened.  Bob Marley was singing, "Don't Worry.... Everything is gonna to be alright..."

The first words that I had heard at the onset of 2012.

So far, 2012 has been terrific.

Mom's doing well.  She bounced back a bit.  Death doesn't seem to be knocking on her door as I had originally thought; we have more time.

Mom loves her baby; it has taken her back to her child rearing days.  Mom is happy.

Mom with her baby
New Year's Day 2012
I signed a waiver; the nurses can give mom homeopathic remedies for agitation and insomnia.  Remedies that have worked to calm her LBD symptoms successfully over the last several years.

I am grateful.

Mom is having more good days.  My visits with her are finally fun.  We play with "the baby", we walk and we talk about my dead relatives as though it's 1968 again.

Mom is weaker.  She also has a cold.

I gave her Oscillococcinum yesterday when I visited.  A homeopathic remedy that always seems to ease symptoms of a cold or flu.

Ma, loving her baby
January 2012
"Don't worry.... everything is gonna be alright...."


  1. Such a time of ups and downs for your mom and you. These photos of your mom and her baby are so touching. But of all the places her mind could take her, going back to the time of her life when she was truly a mom is one of the best places she could go. A time when she had purpose, when she could nurture and love. The photos show her gentleness and caring for her child. What a wonderful place for her to be.

  2. Mel... Ups and Downs just like a roller coaster. It is so sweet to see the sort of protective mom she was for all of her kids. Today, the baby was Eddie, my brother who died in 2001.

    Slyde... ;-)

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