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09 January 2012

Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Mom, happy with her baby
January 6, 2012
Mom's doing awesome since I signed the waiver to give mom homeopathic's. The nurses give Mom the homeopathic medicine on a schedule, something that has stopped her agitation and insomnia.

Visiting my mom has become fun. I look forward to our visits. A dream come true, one that I never imagined would manifest for us. Mom smiles and laughs. She talks in complete sentences on her good days about what's going on in her world.

Seeing Mom at peace in her mind, makes all the hardship and pain that I suffered for her worthwhile. All I ever wanted for my mom was to give her a happy end of life.

I am grateful.

The facility where mom lives brought in a new Executive Director and Director of Nursing; leaders who listen. Leaders who believe that our folks worked all of their lives and deserve to be cared for with love, dignity and respect. Their compassion is contagious... outstanding role models.


The energy in the nursing home is brighter; no longer do I walk through the door and see dark energy around the residents. Folks seem happier through out the building, both patients and staff.

Because of all the positive changes going on where Mom lives, I feel that my life is becoming my life again. Thank you, everyone who has helped us.

I can breath.

I can relax a little bit more; my soul has longed for peace.

 Thank you. I feel peace.

Mom, she's always loved the song "Somewhere Over the Rainbow." Often she'd sing the song as we drove along, while looking out the window as though she was looking for the rainbow.

Mom's doing great; she's happy, she seems to have made it over the rainbow, where skies are blue.


  1. this post makes me very happy for you. you deserve some peace of mind...

  2. What a Blessing! I'm so happy you have peace and your mom is better. It sound like you have her in the right place. The stress can really take a toll in the the loved ones. I hope you do something nice for yourself and celebrate!

  3. That is so lovely. I'm sure your Mum is very happy now. She looks lovely with her baby.

  4. Slyde... I'm happy for us too! My mom has very good nurses and care givers. She's happy with all the people around her. Visiting her is awesome. I actually ENJOY visiting the home.

    Tracy... the stress was killing me. It is the right place now because the facility has a new management team that listens and leads. I am grateful that mom is living in a place where she's comfortable, happy and well cared for. A HUGE BLESSING.

    Chris H... Thank you. She LOVES her babies. Yesterday one of the Activities people said to her, "Jo, how old is your baby?" My mom looked at the baby, at the activities person, at the baby... then said, "I don't know? I forgot... 3?" It was a funny moment.

    Homeopathic Medicine is making the world of a difference for my mom and indirectly, me!

  5. Ahhhhh there is nothing like the feeling of peace!

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