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06 January 2012

A Good Visit With Ma and Baby

Mom and Baby
January 6, 2012
"I have five, you know."  My mom said to me as she held her baby.

"...they're all around here somewhere."  She continued as she looked around for her children.  My mom's world revolved around her children and caring for all of us.

Mom is content.

She's happy.

The homeopathic remedies are working.

Mom was having a great day. She has been sleeping through the night; all of her days have been great.

She bounced back from her UTI.

She recovered from a cold.

I had one more day to see her happy and laughing!

The nurses and aides are taking good care of my mom; stress free visits are the best.  My mom has excellent nurses, compassionate carers who help put my mind at ease.  

Mom was feisty during our visit, she stuck out her tongue at her baby twice and then at me.

"Watch this!"  She exclaimed to me and then she stuck out her tongue at her baby.

Mom was amused with everything going on around her.  She was mocking residents crying out in pain.  Mom was super happy and laughing.

Mom and I, we went for a walk.  She did very well; she was able to walk the long distance around the unit.  She greeted other residents as we walked by.  "Hello."  Nodding her head and smiling at them, not missing a step as we walked the hall.

One more day I had the opportunity to enjoy my mom; I feel fortunate.

I gave Mom a favorite treat.  She looked like a little girl, holding her baby while she ate her ice cream bar; a precious moment.

An unexpected surprise to see Mom alert and walking upright;  I was there... I didn't miss it.

A good visit with Ma and baby; I feel like I won the lottery.


  1. What a blessing for you both! The good days are giving you both peace (and the baby too!)

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