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29 December 2011

The Pain Has Begun

Ma and her baby
after our short walk
December 28, 2011
My visit with Mom yesterday was the best one I've had in over a week.  She was awake and sitting up straight in her chair when I had arrived.

"Hi Ma!"  I greeted her when I saw her.

"Come on!"  She said to me.  A phrase that usually means that she has to go to the toilet.

"Do you need the toilet?"  I asked.

"Come on!"  She repeated.

I shut off the chair alarm, detached the safety belt and helped her get up for a short walk to her toilet.

She wanted to walk.  We walked.

She got tired very fast, only able to walk about 100 ft before she started to lean on the rail that lines the walls of the halls.

"A little further Ma, you can do it."  I encouraged her.

We walked about 10 ft and she needed to sit.  She couldn't stand after a short rest; something she was able to do just under two weeks ago.

"Ma, do you have any pain?"  I asked her.

"Yes.  My back hurts."  She leaned forward to allow me to gently massage her sore lower back, something that I've done for her over the last 13 plus years that she's lived with me.

"Ah, that feels good."  Mom said as I began to give her a little Reiki with the massage.

"What about your belly, Ma?  Does your belly hurt?"  I asked as I gently began to rub her belly with Reiki hands fully charged with soothing energy.

"Oooo.  Yes, my belly hurts."  Mom offered, as she sat back in the chair and allowed me to provide her a little comfort with Reiki.

Mom was not able to walk again yesterday, she told me that she was too tired.  One of the CNA's ran to get Mom's chair that we had left behind in the dinning room.

Lunch was served.  Mom was asleep.  I couldn't rouse her to let her know I was leaving.  I took a picture and left.

Before leaving I spoke with the hospice nurse.  I told her about my mom's pain. I agreed to have her order a small dose of morphine to help ease mom's pain on an as needed basis.  So far, mom hasn't needed any pain medication; I want the home to be prepared with all approvals.  The pain has begun.


  1. Oh Susan, how painful this all must be for you as well. I have no words that would comfort you or her. I am so sad for you.


  2. Mel... Thank you. it is a wild ride. Yesterday, she was walking well. She did tire fast but she was standing and sitting straight. I walked with her twice... It was awesome. I feel like I am on borrowed time. Yay!

  3. I'm so sorry. My mom was the same way. She changed everyday. I'm praying for you and your mom. It so hard.. I understand.

  4. Thank you, Tracy... Today she bounced back. She had a great day.

  5. Oh Susan...what can I say, try to stay strong.
    All the best for 2012!

  6. Hi Susan. I was a part-time care giver (along with my Dad) for my mother who had Alzheimer's Disease and died six months ago, May 12, 2011. It is a beautiful thing, to be there for your Mom. It's so challenging on all of your senses and emotions, as you know, but you will get through, as I have, knowing that you did everything you could to ease your mother's fear, pain and anxiety. Just wanted to say I've related to your posts and thank you for sharing and being such a wonderful daughter. -Kate

  7. Hi Kate... Thank you. I am sorry for your lose, but I also know that you must finally be relieved to have your mom's suffering over and done.

    Thank you for reading my blog.

  8. I glad she had a great day. It's amazing how our Mothers cared and worried about us for so long growing up and now the roles have been reversed. This is the hardest job I've had. I so glad you have this blog to share your thoughts and I have someone to relate to. Wishing you the best of the New Year.

  9. Blogitse... Thank you. It was quite a journey up to this point in time.

    Tracy.... Caregivers are the unsung heroes. Happy new year to you also!