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20 January 2012

Homeopathics: Agitation, Insomnia and LBD

Homeopathic Medicine helps give my mom more good days than not so good ones
The nurses who care for my mom have been asking me to write a post about homeopathic medicine; they see how well the remedies work on my mom when she's agitated or having a bout of insomnia.

Homeopathics have been around for 200 years; it's a "whole medical system" approach unlike the traditional allotropic medicines.

 "Like treats like."   

Homeopathy was discovered by a German doctor who recognized the principle of similar, where "like treats like."  The principle states that a disease can be treated by a similar substance that causes the symptoms in healthy people.

For example:  To treat daytime agitation, my mom takes the homeopathic remedy, Hyoscyamus Niger; Henbane.

If a healthy person ate some of the raw henbane plant, they would become agitated and hallucinate scary scenes that seem real.  My mom has these behaviors without eating the raw plant.  Giving her a small dose of homeopathic medicine, her symptoms go away.

Our Naturopath Doctor recommended Hyoscyamus for my mom because of her natural disposition; she has a sense of humor.  Hyoscyamus Niger 12 C does the trick to ease mom's agitation and fidgeting.

There are over 2000 homeopathic remedies to choose from; it's the reason why I recommend finding a Naturopath Doctor who can help navigate which to use.  If the remedy doesn't work, it isn't the right remedy for the patient.  Remedies are selected using the whole person; mind, body and spirit.

You can find your own remedies here using an online remedy finder.

Homeopathy is FDA approved, it has been for over 100 years.  It is safe, effective and has no contraindications with anything.

Mom suffers from insomnia, a symptom of her illness, Lewy Bodies Dementia.  Stramonium, also a member of the deadly night shade family of plants, solves my mom's problem with insomnia.  Our ND selected this remedy because my mom would jump out of bed worrying about children.  She would lunge forward in her chair and become super agitated.

Stramonium calms my mom and helps her to sleep.

When my mom sleeps at night, the following day is a good day where she's calm and happy.

If my mom eats the wrong food, like wheat gluten or white potatoes, she will become super agitated and begin trying to jump out of her chair or grab for things in the air.  A little dose of Stramonium calms her and seems to counter the effect of the wrong food that she ingested.

Homeopathy, it works.  It triggers a response in the body so that ones system can take over and heal itself.

Remedies are diluted forms of the plant.  The higher the number, which is symbolized in Roman Numerals (C, X, M), the weaker the dose and the stronger the medicine.

There are remedies for everything that ails the human body; medicines which can be tailored specifically to an individual while taking into consideration the whole person... mind, body and spirit.

More information about homeopathy can be found here:

Good explanation of homeopathy:  http://nccam.nih.gov/health/homeopathy/
My favorite homeopathy site:  http://www.abchomeopathy.com/

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