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05 April 2010

Parallel Worlds

This morning I thought I'd do a search to answer a question, "Why is my mom hallucinating about dead relatives?  What does it mean?  Is she closer to death and can she see between both worlds? 

I found a really good article on Parallel Worlds, "Living on the Threshold: Alzheimer's and the Elderly."  The article made me think; I love anything that makes me think.

My mom, she could be seeing the dead relatives.  I wonder if there's a gauge of some kind that would help indicate how long we have with her on Earth? 

What I found interesting in this article is the story about the man who's father was diagnosed with Alzheimer's and the traditional drugs made him worse than ever.  He took his dad off the drugs and his father got better.  His story sounds like my story with my mother.

I highly recommend reading this article by Greenbriar on the website Parrallel Worlds.

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