I am not a doctor. I am providing information based on experiences that my mom has with natural remedies. The purpose of this blog is to help folks to educate themselves. Use this information with your own discernment.

01 April 2010

Eating Outside the Box

Care Giving is not for the weak of heart... it's a difficult endeavor to embark on because someone's life depends on you. 

Becoming a Care Giver usually just happens over time, it's a job that we take on gradually, dealing with different little situations all day until one day, we find ourselves living with a sick individual who depends on us for everything.  Care Givers, we are the foundation for our loved ones to stand when their world is collapsing where nothing makes sense.

Confusion.  Fright.  Loss.

I couldn't imagine what it must have been like for my mom when she lost her mind so suddenly.  She became confused and frightened.  She stopped speaking.  She pouted most of her days and would often look with wide eyes at different areas of the room where her mind created hallucinations that scared the crap out of her.  My mom, she was lost in her own mind, trapped, she attempted to make sense of all that was around her. 

Sleepwalking and hallucinations became a regular nightly occurance, which quickly wore me out.  Exhausted, it became nearly impossible to be a care giver to my mom, let alone a good one.  There wasn't much help coming my way and I found myself spiralling into a mode of self-pity. 

My world sucked.

No wonder no one stands up and says, 'Hey, I'll be a care giver!  Ya, sign me up for that job... no pay, no sleep, no vacations, no time off... basically, no life... wooo hooo... where do I sign!?"  I learned cold realities about family, things that I just didn't want to believe.  I cried a lot.  My mom became more insane.

I just had to do something to help myself, I hated feeling how I was feeling and knew that rest would help me to think more clearly and find a solution.  I gained control of myself and realized that the only one that I can control is myself.  I can control how I think, how I feel and how I react... I can not control anyone else, when I would go down this path, things turned from bad to worse.

The internet became my ally.  I researched diffrent solutions to help my mom find her mind.  In my opinion, we found a solution, one where my mom has more good days than not so good days. 

The first step one should take is to find a Naturopath Doctor.  We did and he helped us to understand the natural remedies that my mom would begin to ingest.  Our ND works with my mom's traditional doctors and prescribes natural remedies in place of  typical pharmaceutical medications.  My mom, she has lots of trouble with side effects when she takes pharmaceuticals but with natural remedies, no side effects and way more happy days.

Care giving the natural way works.  It's difficult because not many folks use natural remedies, the current healthcare system in our country doesn't support plant medicine.  I have a hunch it's because there isn't any money to be made from medicine that you can grow yourself.  Things probably won't change until the day when healthcare for profit is finally classified as a bad idea for good health.  The decision will have to come from the people the system supports.  It's a battle, a crazy battle that makes no sense to me or my mom. 

Care giving the natural way is tough because there isn't a real support system in place for those of us who chose not to buy in to the current ways of healthcare.  Natural healthcare providers and supplements are not covered by insurance in Massachusetts, makes me wonder if it's because of all the big named hospitals who have lobbyist working overtime to discredit natural remedies.  The argument?  The supplements are not pure like pharma meds.  From my personal experience and observations, natural remedies work better at keeping me and my family healthy... pharma meds?  They made my mom very sick which made my care giving duties nearly impossible.  My mom... she was on her way to a nursing home but thanks to the natural way, she's happy and most days are great days.

Until the system changes, it's up to each individual to take responsibility for themselves.  Food is the best medicine, real food.  Preparing real food, is fun, delicious and very good for your health, try it, you have everything to gain, except weight.  Once we tossed all the boxed foods and began eating outside the box... our lives changed, we are healthier with more energy and a keen sense of well-being. 

Today... my world rocks because I am eating outside the box.


  1. You said that the ND is working with your mom's MD. What is his reaction to your mom's improvements?? With such significant changes in your mom, I wonder if the MD is supportive, excited, or skeptical? MDs are not normally open to alternative medicines. Just curious!

  2. Hi Mellodee... it's been interesting. I am the go between for the MD and the ND. MD's for the most part like that we have a professional helping with the herbal treatments - after all, they are natures drugs.

    My mom's Cardiologist isn't convinced, even with the hard number facts, he still believes in pharma drugs.

    My mom's doctors can see the improvements, her Endocrinologist is giddy with the changes. Her Kidney doctor is impressed and happy to see my mom doing so well - kidney function is improving. Vascular doctors are pleased too - her pulse in her legs is much better than it had been. She can walk longer distances.

    So... it's interesting and exciting. I have to stick to my guns and provide proof... in the end the only one that matters is my mom's improved health and better days.

    Did I answer your question?