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06 April 2010

Fascinating... I Find This Fascinating!

While driving to the market today, my mom turned to me and said, "I think they gave me the power to turn my vision on and off."

"Huh? Who?" I replied, as I was jolted out of my thoughts and propelled back into my mom's world of hallucinations and illusion.

"The people, the ones that I see, the dead people and the angels... I'm looking forward to seeing if I can see them at the parking lot." My mom said to me matter of factly. Her hallucinations are real to her, they are angels and spirits... my dad, my brother and "high mucka-mucks."

All day she has walked from window to window, gazing out, looking and reporting to me what she had seen.

"I have an update!" She would proclaim and then proceeded to give me the latest news about her visions.

"Across the street, there's a rocket. The high mucka muck guy, he's dressed in a black robe and a big hat. He's coming out of the house across the street... there's also a rocket. They are waiting for the person to come, the one that they are taking back with them." My mom stated as though she was seeing through the psychic veil.

"Ma, who's coming for whom? Where are they going?" I asked in a way to help her to feel that she hasn't lost her mind, that she's just seeing a different dimension that I can not see. I've found that when I validate her hallucinations and say, "Wow, that's awesome. I can't see them, but I believe that you can," Relaxed, she finds herself intrigued by what she is seeing through her "magic eye", the eye that my dad "fixed" for her to see him.

"The people... the top guy is coming. He's checking everything out across the street. Come here!  Look, look at the rocket. I want to know if you can see it." My mom grabbed my hand and pulled me to the front window.  "Do you see it?  Do you see the rocket?" She continued with enthusiasm.

Across the street I saw the temporary electric pole put up to supply power to my neighbors temporary home. I mentioned to my mom that it is the temporary pole that will be coming down when the Electric Dept. gets around to it.

"Nope. It's a rocket! It's going to take off, they're leaving.  I have to see it leave!" My mom proclaimed.

She is excited to see the angels and the people from the otherside. She finds her hallucinations fascinating. She believes that she's learning about the otherside before she gets there because she has a very big job waiting for her in Heaven. Mom, she believes that she can't die, not yet...  "I have too much to learn about heaven!" Mom, she also believes that she has to live so that she can help others with the same conditions that she has been diagnosed.  She wants to help folks have more good days and help them to understand how Heaven works.

Mom isn't afraid of the hallucinations any longer, not even the big man with the dark robe and tall hat. I told her that I talked to the Dream Master and ordered bad hallucinations out of her head in exchange for extra good deeds that I can do here on Earth.   I am grateful for the Dream Master.

Today, the dark man was in the neighbors yard and I told her that he is here to patrol for the spirits who may be trying to break the Dream Master's laws. Looking at me with a smile she said, "Oh, now that is really nice. I find this so fascinating. I have so much to learn!"

My mom is giddy. She is excited because she feels that she's learning something about the other side, the place where she knows the Rocket Ship will carry her. 

With a sincere tone of gratitude, my mom's last words before falling asleep last night... "Thanks to you Susie, it's all making sense, thank you for teaching me, I am learning a lot about Heaven.  Good night dear." 

She's already decided that she's getting a top job on the otherside, akin to a High Priestess. God love my mom, I've always believed that her eternal line is from Royalty. 

"Fascinating, I find this fascinating!"  Words my mom repeated often today, words which seemed to reveal a new inner peace.


  1. Glad she has an inner peace. It's definitely intriguing to read about all she sees!

  2. Who's to say she isn't seeing these things? It's a vast universe and our brains are the size of a cantaloupe.

  3. I believe that she's seeing these things. It's so nice to have her happy to see them instead of being frightened.

  4. I'm so glad that she's found peace. It must make things so much easier.