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21 April 2010

Happy Day for Ma

Today is our 6 month visit to see my mom's Endocrinologist.  She loves visiting this doctor, mostly because she has her diabetes under full control through diet, exercise and supplements. 

 I do hope that we can get her blood pressure back down to a normal range.  Her top number has been about 150 and her bottom number is 70 or less.  Her pressure drops low and makes her dizzy when she gets up fast, so I worry about lowering her blood pressure too much. 

My mom told me this morning that my brother Ed visitied her this morning and slept in her chair.  She loves it when Ed or my father visits.

I almost have the email worked out so that I can send my mom a message from my dad.  She asks every day if I got the email note yet.  I tell her not yet but I know they're working on getting the connection between Earth and Heaven working on my computer. 

Today I hope to send her the letter that I had written for her - a letter from my dad.  Thank God my dad left a daily journal where he wrote all sorts of things that will help me to write and convince my mom that it's my dad writing to her.  I pray that this has a positive affect on her and helps her to relax when she can't see my dad... I can write her a note which will make her feel like dad is still around even after the hallucinations have gone.  

My mom is in good spirits today.  She believes that she saw God yesterday morning and this morning I think I convinced her that God was just showing himself to her like the Infant of Prague to let her know that she's going to be OK.

It's quite a trip that I'm on with my mom.  I'm seeing first hand how important it is to keep ones blood sugar, blood pressure and cholesterol under control.  I've noticed is that when these are out of wack, the body has bad reactions and every cell is eventually impacted negatively, bringing on more illness.

Today, it's a great day.  My mom, she woke up smiling and laughing.

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