I am not a doctor. I am providing information based on experiences that my mom has with natural remedies. The purpose of this blog is to help folks to educate themselves. Use this information with your own discernment.

27 April 2010

The Choice Is Ours

I feel like we've had a huge breakthrough with my mom's health.  Discovering how her blood pressure and her blood sugar affect her mental state of being has given me hope for a recovery for my mom.  I have hope that we can help my mom heal her heart damage, damage that was caused from her diet rich with simple carbs, a sedentary life and pharma drugs that were prescribed to counteract the poor choices that my mom had made throughout her life.

I've said it before, pharma drugs do have a place.  Pharmaceutical drugs allow folks who choose to ingest processed and packaged foods, to eat the so called food.  Pharmaceuticals are a bandage that help folks to keep ingesting the fake foods, cheap food that fill our supermarkets.  It appears that the Food Industry and the Pharmaceutical Industry are in the business of making us sick so that they can take our money, health and ability to choose.

What I've discovered through my mom is that it's all or nothing.  It takes a committment to change, to want to be healthy.  I've learned that we can not be healthy eating processed food, period, the end.  The body doesn't know how to handle synthetics.  Synthetic food brings on inflammation, leading to illnesses that require powerful synthetic pharmaceuticals to calm the disease.  The trouble with the pharmaceutical drugs is that they all come with side effects, side effects that can be managed with more drugs, expensive drugs.  I still find it hard to believe that it's legal for pharmaceutical companies to pitch their drugs on TV.  How is this different than a drug pusher on the streets?  Both make you sick, one is legal and one is not... why?

Something that I find illogical and always have is when a drug is prescribed and we are instructed not to eat certain real foods because of the drug interaction.  For example, high blood pressure medicines ... when folks take the pharmaceutical drug to lower blood pressure, grapefruit is not allowed. 

Grapefruit naturally lowers blood pressure.  I've seen how well it works with my mom's blood pressure.  Garlic too.  Garlic lowers blood pressure, it's incredible.

Real food is a choice, just as eating cheap food and taking the expensive drugs is a choice.  I have eaten the "cheap food."  I also was on my way to having similar illnesses that my mom has experienced in her 80 + years on this Earth.  The one ailment that she has that scared me totally off processed foods is her Alzheimer's diagnosis.  Living with her, seeing her frightened by hallucinations and all the angst that comes along with this dreaded disease, was all I needed to put the breaks on and re-evaluate my approach to a happy life.

Food is medicine, good medicine that will keep us happy through good health.

How come we are not instructed by doctors to eat real foods, nutritious foods?  The food may cost more money, but what's the difference... paying for expensive food or expensive drugs?  How come people skimp on their health?  How come people will pay a small fortune for a new electronic gadgets and drugs but they have trouble paying for food?  I just don't get the logic, I never have. 

How come real MD's who totally get Food as Medicine before drugs are not invited to speak at big name hospitals?  Could hospitals be in the business of making money too?  Are they all in kahoots?

Why is it that when one of their own, a REAL MD sees the hypocracy of the system then goes out and tries to educate folks, they're stopped?  I don't understand, really... the only explanation is money.  Makes me ask the question, does the health establishment wants us all sick because a sick population is great for the bottom line, they make more money. 

Ah, capitolism... should it really be a part of our healthcare?

Can someone explain to me why drugs are better than real food?  I need to understand why people choose to accept the side effects of the new pharma drugs that are designed to "treat" disease of the body, but cause more disease? 

Why is real food looked down upon when it's really the best medicine we can reach for when are bodies are ill?

Is it because we are lazy as a people or just gullible?  We don't want to have to make choices, even though we have so many choices, choices that overload us to the point where we are confused and say "Oh fuck it?"  Why do people follow the leader?  Why aren't more people taking responsibility for their own health? 

As you can see, I have a lot of questions around the topic of real nutritious food versus drugs.  Personally, I don't buy into the lies that are perpetuated through TV Ads, ads designed to manipulate us into "asking our doctor" about a drug.  Why is healthcare for profit OK?  Why are people blind to the manipulation of the ads that convince us that there's better living through chemistry?

I have learned that there's hope, that we can break free from the processed food and pharmaceutical grid.  It's our choice. 

Personally I feel great and am at a body weight that I haven't seen in decades.  Getting back to basics has helped me and my family to have better health.  We don't need the pharmaceutical drugs because we use natures medicine cabinet, plants!  No side effects, just good health.

I can almost guarantee you that once you stop eating processed foods and switch to all natural food, your health will improve.  You won't be able to eat the processed food once you stop, you won't like the taste and you will crave nature's foods.  Your skin will look better.  Actually, you'll start to look younger.  I've been observing this phenomenon with my mom... the more natural foods that I serve her, the younger she looks.  

It isn't as hard as you think to eat healthfully.  It's not that expensive either... grow your own food, it's rewarding on so many levels.  The choice is ours.