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27 September 2011

Why I Quit Facebook

I am not mad at anyone.  I am just done with the social madness where folks hide behind a computer screen, playing silly games and sharing way too much information voluntarily.

To me, Facebook seems like a data mining application, one that everyone lines up to be a part of something that doesn't exist while feeding data bases somewhere with information about your political party preference, religious beliefs, purchase and social habits.

Information is being gathered on all of us, every minute of every day there are databases being updated with data on each of us.  Even this blog post will be put into a database somewhere to be used at a later date to possibly sell me something.

Why make it easy for someone to buy information about ourselves and then use it to market to us and sell us things.  All the LIKE'ing for businesses, products and services, has turned Facebook into just another place for me to get harassed to buy this or that or to believe in this or that.

I've noticed that if anyone thinks different than the group, the group turns on the individual in an attempt to discredit them.  Facebook ... who needs it?  NOT ME!

I quit Facebook.

I am tired of reading posts that piss me off.  I am tired of watching all the hours people piss away, wasting precious time that can be used to make ones life better instead of complaining about it publicly for the entire world to see.  Who cares?

I am done with being "sold to."  I don't want to LIKE your products or services anymore.  I don't care how good they may be... I am sick of being bombarded with Ads.

My inbox is full of junk mail.  My email is being sold.  My information is being sold.  All of us... everything that  we do on any social media site is gathered to form an intelligence on us so that we can be the next victim to someone somewhere trying to sell us something.

I quit Facebook and it feels good.

Please don't be offended.  I still like all of my friends and family but I am now only going to talk to you in real life.  No more Facebook.  I'm done with it.  It's creepy and scary to me.  It's morphing into something that is out of "1984", a book written by George Orwell about Big Brother watching.

Big Brother is doing more than watching us... it's gathering information on us, valuable intelligence so that how we think or how we vote can be manipulated.

People are suggestible.  Once your magic buttons of life are known, you can easily be made to believe something that will help someone else have personal gain, even if it causes you pain.

For me, I am not playing anymore.  Yes, the machines in the clouds will continue to gather information on me but I am making a choice; no longer am I going to make it easy.  I am using my power of "NO" and no longer will I willingly give valuable data away about myself.

So long Facebook.  You were a great tool to reconnect me with friends that I had made throughout my life.  You even were instrumental in helping to reunite my cousin and me; just in time for Uncle Al to witness before he passed.

Facebook... thanks for the memories.  I am ending our relationship.  It's YOU, not me...


  1. but how the hell will you continue to work on your farmville plantation now?

  2. oh Slyde... Don't get me started about the farm!!!!!!

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  4. Bravo! Great post! You've highlighted everything that is wrong with Facebook. I especially listening to the radio or watching the news and hearing the air personalities close with: "Remember to Like us on Facebook." Why? Are you that needy? Does your life feel that empty unless you have approval from strangers you'll never know in real life?

    Too many people are always trying to get me join Facebook because it's so much fun. Really? I can't even begin to fathom the amount of time I've wasted looking at their profiles, trying to find something that holds up to their claims of how much fun it is. All I see are thousands of posts of them Liking every little stupid thing, embedding Youtube clips, and typing the most unprofound statements ever assembled. All this information tells me nothing about the people I already know, and I can't even imagine how it could be worth anything to anybody. Well, advertisers will always find a way to capitalize on anything, but I never pay attention to advertising so I don't even know how their efforts pay off for them.

    Oh, and I love the people who post endless photos of their kids, especially as their profile photo. You know, the same kids they're obviously neglecting so they can spend all their time on Facebook playing Farmville and Liking "Two and a Half Men".

  5. @Robert... thank you. You too raise valid points about the TV and Radio Personalities that want you to "like" them; could it be the beginning of a struggle to hold on to their perceived power?

    In my opinion, Facebook is evil and can turn the nicest people into creatures that lurk in the night.