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17 September 2011

Today Will Be A Great Day!

Sour faces and attitudes, regardless what you do for a living, will make your job seem to suck way more than you think it should.  Feeling trapped, needing money to survive, people stay in their job; a job that becomes a drudgery day in and day out.

Many of us start out in a new job, excited and ready to make a difference.  Our passion and our positive attitude, untainted by office politics gets us jumping out of bed with excitement.

Remember how good it felt to start your new job?  Why not keep that feeling alive the entire time you work for whatever organization that saw the good qualities that you possess?

It's not impossible to be happy when the world around us appears to be tumbling down like a house of cards.  I've said it before, I'll say it again... Change begins with you.

Living through the most difficult time of my life as my mom's Care Giver, I often felt like I would lose my mind.  I have experienced a deep heaviness and sadness.  Emotions born from my lack luster attitude easily took root like weeds in a garden.  I didn't tend to my "happiness within garden." I began to feel hopeless and asked myself, "will I ever see happy times again?"

Looking outside of myself for answers, I came up empty.  No solution could change how sad I felt; only I could change how I viewed my situation.

Glass Half full or half empty?

I had to change.  My upset energy, my negative emotions and sadness were making everything in my world turn upside down.  Rapidly, like a massive hurricane every ounce of hope was lifted away, far away.  How was I going to change?

How did I change?  What do I do every day to keep positive energy flowing from me to everyone around me?

I chose to be positive.  Every morning when I get out of bed, I jump up and exclaim, "TODAY WILL BE A GREAT DAY!"  Saying this aloud and with feeling sets the mood.  I expect my day to be great and it is.

I believe that I hold the power to create my own personal happiness.  Using the power of my mind, I am able to transform my life.  We all deserve to be happy and only YOU can chose to feel happy or miserable.

The ABC's of life... attitude, belief and choice.  What's your choice?

Our attitudes are like magnets.  If you chose to be sad and forlorn, you will attract more of the same.   It's possible to rise above the stinging nettles of life, the choice begins with you.  Believe in yourself, believe that you can be happy all the time.  Make a choice to have a positive attitude; your glass will be full and you will be able to share it with others.  Together we can make a difference in each others life.  People need people.  We need each other to lift us up when we are down.

To me....

Today will be a great day!

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