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17 June 2011

A Typical Visit With Ma

Mom, listening to music while she holds Savita the Cat.
Mom's starting to enjoy herself at the home.

"Where have you been?"  My mom said to me when I arrived at dinner time last night.

"I went to Nikki's graduation from pre-school.  She was so cute."  I answered.

Nikki, the little bumble bee holding her diploma from Pre-school.

"Well, OK."  Mom replied.

The activities person told me that my mom was smiling and having fun.  She was coloring and doing stuff with colored paper.  I saw pictures; we have proof.

Fortunately, the activities person reminds my mom of me so when she sees her, she relaxes and thinks I'm there; thank God for the little miracles.

I believe that one of the residents is a former nun, the staff call her "Sister."  Sister reads cookbooks all day long.... out loud and with feeling.  I'm going to bring her my cookbook when it's completed.

Mom was squirming in her chair.  "Ma, do you need the toilet?"  A question that has become automatic when she fidgets.

"Yes."  She said as she tried to move her wheelchair with locked wheels.

Sister... she answered too; "Oh dear, when you are done with her can you help me too?  I got to go too."


I didn't know how to answer the sweet Sister.  I'm sure my face said, "NO F-ing way!"  The activities person looked at me and held back a laugh; what a predicament.  I wheeled my mom off and the activities person got someone to help the Sister.

Mom feeding herself with Savita the Cat on her shoulder.
My mom is feeding herself again.  

She's walking longer distances before needing to sit.  She won't walk with any of the staff, not yet.  It's my goal to get her to trust the folks who are there to help her when I can't be with her.  I think we are making progress.

Mom sitting outside, drinking a cup of coffee after she took a little walk.  Savita is watching her.
The more my mom walks, the happier she seems to be with where she's living.  Sitting in the wheelchair all day long is not her idea of a good time.  She likes to move; she needs to move.

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  1. The first 2 months experience with the nursing home was terrible. Mama thought we had dropped her off and the family did not know where she was. She would grab our hands when we visited and begged us not to go. She knew she was not supposed to be there and begged to go home, and it was heartwrenching.

    On another note, regarding functionality, I also noticed that if we don't give her utensils to eat, it is nothing for her to eat an entire meal with no utensils.