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21 June 2011

First Outting

It takes 3 weeks to form a habit or get comfortable with a change.  Last Friday was 3 weeks that my mom had moved in to the nursing home.

On Friday, I made sure to set things up with the home so that I could safely take my mom out for a couple of hours.  She hadn't been sleeping; maybe getting her out moving around will tire her out enough to sleep at night?

Portable wheelchair... check.
Permission from her doctor ... check.
Ma, able to walk and get in and out of the car... check.

Off we went to Whole Foods; where else would I have taken her?  She loved food shopping.

She didn't want to use the wheel chair.  We parked where we typically parked; she walked up the hill to the store as she pushed a cart.

The sun was hot and my mom decided she had enough.  We had about 200 feet before we entered the cool store.  I had to get her out of the sun!  I put my arms under hers and pushed the cart as I held her up.  We made it!

Walking in the store was not going to happen.

One of the workers from Whole Foods got my mom a chair.  Here she is sitting in it and telling me that she wasn't walking anymore.

Another worker went out to the trunk of the car and got her wheelchair; we finished our shopping trip.

Walking with her, pushing the wheel chair was challenging; she dug her heels in the floor every time she saw a sample station of something.  The cheese and olives have always been her favorite part of Whole Foods.

"Lift your feet Ma.  Please... it's impossible to push you when you put the brakes on!" I pleaded with her.

"Well, get me a piece of that cheese!"  She demanded.

I had my mom hold her stash of treats to keep at the home.  Fresh peanut butter, concord jelly and her favorite ice cream.  She was happy.

On the way back to the home, I stopped in Dunkin Donuts so that my mom could have a cup of coffee.  She enjoyed it.

She was ready to go back to the home at the end of our 2 hours out.  I was ready for her to go back too!

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