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18 February 2011

Recipe To Manifest Magic In Ones Life

A Happier Time in Hawaii
Thoughts are real... I have learned this over the years and have even used thoughts to help create magic in my life.

Manifesting situations and things is easy; it starts with a thought.  Positive thoughts provide the best results, negative thinking will create more of the same.  We are the boss of our thoughts, no one can take away your thoughts, you create your life with how you think.  Mixing in a bit of enthusiasm and strong emotion with your thought, gets the attention of the Universe and before you know it, the very thing that you had hoped for, is presented.

I know this sounds crazy, but seriously, it works.

Just a week ago I was a Debbie Downer, not very positive and only focusing on the negative crap in my life.  The poop and pee, a defiant mom and a MIL that enjoys wallowing in self pity all the things I didn't want were front and center in my life.  I created the very things that I didn't want by feeding the negativity with strong emotions.

I was stuck.  I knew that I could change my world with a simple thought but I couldn't feel the magic within me.  I was so burned out and worn out that I couldn't hold the thought of a brighter tomorrow.  It was as though I was trapped in my own mind, unable to lift myself up and out.

I got sick, really sick.  I was forced to stop and rest, there was no other choice for me because my body just wouldn't move.  Fever, chills and delirium filled my days.  I cried.

I had an epiphany during my illness.  I remembered all that I had learned about creating the life of my dreams, things that helped me feel good about life.  Lessons that helped me manifest everything into my life, a loving husband, a great job and a family that I love.  My personal power was high during the days when I focused on the positive.  I was riding high, catching one wave after another.  I was happy and able to confront any challenge with ease; then, I became a Care Giver for my mom with Lewy Bodies Dementia.

My mom's insanity is contagious.  Constantly talking about dead people began to put out my fire for life.  I wondered what is the point of living.  We live, we get sick, no one cares and we die.  Life seemed pointless.  My thoughts turned darker as my inner light faded.  I cried enough tears to fill an ocean, tears that added to my impending demise.  I was alone, facing my own mortality and questioning who I AM.

The flu helped me to reset my thoughts.  I felt like I was going to die.  I knew that the thoughts that I had held about dying could have come true if I didn't pull myself out of this hole that I had dug for myself.  A hole that was created by sadness and self pity.

Turning my thoughts to positive outcomes, focusing on a happy ending with this phase of life has helped a lot.  It's like a big light was switched on inside my mind.  I am focusing on the positive, looking for the joy in all things, even the not so pleasant situations that crop up.  A result of my change of focus is more joyful emotions and thoughts.  Happy thoughts are flooding my mind, each happy thought feeding more happy thoughts.  I am out of the hole.

My future is bright.  I'm focusing on the outcomes that I want and not thinking about how I'm going to make it happen.  I trust that the Universe will bring me what I desire.  Opportunities are presenting themselves and will continue to land at my feet, the magic of life is beginning to fill my heart and soul.

I can if I think I can

My favorite mantra from years past, "Everyday in every way gets better and better!"  I find myself repeating this phrase over and over again in my mind.  I hear it.  I feel the words.  I believe them to be true.  The Universe is listening.  Hope is alive within me.

I see myself happy and laughing in my minds eye.  I am enjoying my life with my husband.  Golfing, swimming, travelling and working a job that brings personal satisfaction are all part of my future dream vision.  It's my focus.  My thoughts are happier.  Life is worth living and I CAN create a happy life for myself even when I have to wipe my mom's ass.

The recipe to manifest magic in ones life is pretty simple.


  • Positive thoughts
  • Affirmations
  • Lots of Enthusiasm
  • Strong emotion
  • Belief


Think about the outcome that you desire... hold positive thoughts and images in your mind of what it is that you want to have come into your life.  If it's more happiness, see yourself smiling and happy, doing things that bring you joy.  It will come to you in the most unusual ways.

Next, state an affirmation out loud so that your subconscious mind can hear the words.  Declare your desire with strong emotion.  Enthusiasm and emotions fuel the thoughts, setting wheels in motion to bring you the best possible outcome.

A little caveat,  desires and affirmations can not include another person, it needs to be all about you because we only can control ourselves.  Some of my generic affirmations that I've used with great success are:  "Everything is going my way!", "I can if I think I can," "Every day in every way gets better and better."  Keeping the affirmations simple and positive make it easy to penetrate your mind, shifting the energy, creating opportunities that will usher in the desired results.

The Universe hears all of our words like a Genie in the Magic Lamp waiting to grant our wish.  Putting words out into the ethers, words that are backed with strong emotion are full of energy.  Like attracts like, it's a simple law of physics.  Happy thoughts create a happy life, sad thoughts creates Hell on Earth.  I proved this to myself.  You can read my old posts to see how I was making my life suck because of how I chose to think.

It's possible to be happy even during the worst of times.  Change your mind, think about what it is that you want in life while avoiding thoughts of what you don't want.  Thoughts are real.  Good thoughts brings peace, negative thoughts bring sadness and more sadness.  We all have the power to create magic in our lives, it all begins with you.

What are you thinking about today?


  1. I love this post, since I am just coming out of my "Debbie Downer" moment. Which just so happens to have last the last month. Being sick with pneumonia has cause me to have some of the same awakenings.

  2. Thank you Jenny... funny how becoming ill can be a catalyst for change within us. I'm happy that you are coming out of your doldrums too.