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09 February 2011

The Joy of Being Sick

Swine Flu Germ
I still have the flu.  Yesterday I felt bad, very bad.  My sinuses were dry and painful.  I couldn't breath too well; my lungs were gurgling with noise with every breath.  Every cough was deep and painful.  My body ached all over and the chills and fever were back... I couldn't sleep.  I have no appetite and I'm dropping weight (not a bad thing.)  I was home alone.  I needed help and no one was here to help me.

I pulled out the Vick's Vapor rub, hoping to help clear my sinuses.  The faint camphor smell caused me to drift into the past. I remembered my dad and how he used to rub Vick's on my chest and put some in a tissue for me to sniff.  I remembered him rubbing me down with rubbing alcohol or witch hazel when I was burning with a fever as a child.  He was such a good dad.  I cried my eyes out, wishing my dad were alive and here to help me.  I missed my daddy and I'm freaking 50!

Yesterday, my husband took my MIL to the doctor to get checked out after her fall on Sunday in front of the supermarket.  The good news is she didn't break her hip, the bad news.... she broke her arm.  She is now completely helpless and needs me to help her again.  I'm back to serving my MIL who doesn't like me.  FUCK!  This is surely a lesson in humility.

Everyone arrived home around the same time yesterday.  First, Brian and my MIL came home at 4PM.  My mom pulled in at 4:05PM.  I had mustered up the strength about an hour before and made a pot of chicken soup.  The house smelled homey and welcoming for everyone when they all walked through the door.

Mom was confused more than usual yesterday.  It's hard to know why she gets so confused, although I do know when she is getting ill or has a UTI, confusion becomes part of our lives.  I pray that she doesn't get this flu bug, it will put her in a hospital.

On Monday, we visited her new Geriatrician, primary care doctor.  He is a doctor who specializes in senior health.  Dr. Zucker is awesome.  He is the first doctor who recognized that my mom has Lewy Bodies Dementia without any information that I had divulged previously.  He was pleased with my mom's health plan; diet, exercise, music, day program and that she isn't on any pharmaceutical drugs.

The doctor understands that pharma drugs cause LBD folks more issues than they help resolve.  He will also consult with my mom's Naturopath Doctor.  Alleluia!  Dr. Zucker is the perfect doctor for my mom because he understands the concept that food is medicine and natural remedies.

My mom liked him a lot.  He knew how to talk to her and even told me that I need to become a better listener.  I am not very good at listening.  I run out of patience because I have so many things to get done in a day to keep the house running.  I promised him and my mom that I'd do better with using my mouth and ears proportionately.

Dr. Zucker is the doctor who visits the nursing homes that I have my mom on wait lists.  The homes I have found for her are outstanding and now that I know Dr. Z is the attending physician, my worries have been squelched.

Today I feel better.  My husband got me some Alka-Seltzer cold medicine last night.  It's the only stuff that I have ever taken that can clear up sinus congestion.  It tastes disgusting and the only time I can drink the liquid is when I'm sick.  I was trying not to take anything with chemicals, but yesterday I was so sick I felt that I needed to do something before rushing myself to the ER.

The Alka-Seltzer worked.  It cleared my sinuses up and I was able to breath.  I slept for 6 hours without coughing; what a relief.  Just like the old commercial jingle, "Plop, plop, fizz, fizz, oh what a relief it is..."

I'll sleep today.  Sleep seems to be the only cure for what ails me.  It's going on 2 weeks that I've been sick and I'm tired of it.  I'm ready to get on with my life, especially now that my mom is gone all day at the day program.

I have learned a lesson through all of this illness.  The Universe has a way of slapping us down and forcing us to rest.  I often wonder if there's some spot in the brain that triggers illness when there's too much stress on ones system.  In any event, this has been one heck of a flu bug.  I looked up the symptoms and it appears I have contracted H1N1, the "Swine Flu."  I had ever symptom... lucky me.


  1. I hope you feel better soon Sue!

    You are having a terrible go of it, aren't you?
    allow me to inject something that might make you smile just a little.

    As you know, dealing with the day to day rigors of care giving can raise our stress levels when we have just that one more thing added to the list.
    Last year during a difficult time with Hubby, it seemed that all I heard was flu and swine flu everywhere! My Sister in law kept informing me of the importance of a vaccine and she carried on something fierce about it. The news and internet was covered up with talk about it. I was sick of hearing about it. Then one day my Brother in law, 63 downs syndrome, came home from school with a paper for me to read about, yep you got it, the FLU!! I took the paper, did a quick glance at the title it said Signs and Symptoms of the H1N1 FLU.

    Annoyed, I burst out saying "GREAT! Another Flu! I have never even HEARD of the Hiney Flu!"
    I mistook the number ones as Letter I's.

    I had to re read and I sure made myself laugh at my stupidity!

    So I hope you don't have the Hiney flu.
    I know you are opposed to chemical pharms but please see a Dr and try and care for yourself a little easier.

    I would hug you, but I don't want the hiney flu ;-)

  2. Oh Kathy... once again you have brightened my day. Thank you!

    I have seen a doctor. I was ready to go back today if I didn't feel better. I feel so good today, what a comparison to yesterday.

    I will lay down and rest all day to make sure this feeling sticks. I am taking my immune booster that the doctor gave me and it's helping too.

    Nothing that a little chicken soup can't fix. It's the only thing I want to eat. I lost 10 lbs so far - lousy way to loose weight but sure is a nice side effect. Almost worth the pain!

    Thanks for your comment Kathy, you definitely are a sweet friend that I wouldn't want to give Hiney Flu to!!!!!! :)

  3. For years, I got some version of the flu every winter....the full-blown, can't breathe, can't move, coughing, sneezing, aching, (hmm, I sound like a Nyquil ad!)flu. It usually lasted at least 2 weeks, sometimes more. I hated it. About ten years ago a doctor I knew convinced me to get a flu shot every year. I have ever since. I have not had any kind of flu since! None! Just sayin'....

  4. Thanks for your comment Mellodee...

    I never get the flu shot nor will I ever get one. It doesn't cover all flus, just ones that they guess will be the tough strains. Vitamin D3 is the best prevention for illness. It's proven. I've even proved it.

    Unfortunately, I ran out of Vitamin D3 - it is what usually keeps me healthy and illnesses at bay. It's my own fault for getting sick.

    I need to make sure that I take my supplements too. I didn't and I am paying a price.

    Care Giving is hard on the care giver, no doubt. I am ready to retire from this job and hope I never have to do it again once my mom is in a home.

  5. I really do not know how you make it! You are the strongest woman on the planet. You need to rest and get yourself healthy so you can properly care for others. I don't have the answers for you, but I can pray for you!