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10 February 2011

My Decree

Team Building with Colleagues
Lisa, me and Mike
I'm ready to work.  I mean, seriously... I AM READY TO WORK!  Do you hear me Universe?


Ok... so now that I've got that out in the ethers, my wish will be able to manifest.  Situations will present themselves to me, it's up to me to recognize the opportunity.  I'm ready; eyes, ears and mind are open.

I do believe that I will get a job soon, a real job making serious money.  I miss not having money to buy myself what I need or go on a vacation to a warm destination on a whim when the mercury is reading below zero outside my door.

Life was so sweet when I was working a regular day job, a job that came with a paycheck.  I long for those days again; a job is what I decree to the Universe.

Universe?  Are you listening?

I learned over the years that whenever I shout out to the Universe and state my hearts desire, miracles occur;  magic happens and what I want finds me.

Today, I stepped out into the world with ears, eyes, heart and mind open.  With my mom in Day Care, my day was my own for the first time in way too long.  I decided to go to the local Chinese Restaurant for a bowl of chicken soup before I went food shopping.  I love their chicken soup.

I sat in the booth by myself, opened my iPad and I began to read and drink tea while I waited for my soup.  A party of 3 people walked in and sat in the booth next to me... they were very chatty.

I began to day dream, thinking how nice it will be to work again, to have colleagues to go to lunch with and chat about business.  I miss those conversations.  I miss the problem solving and brain storming sessions.  My thoughts drifted in and out as the folks at the next table talked.

It was distracting to hear the chatter, chatter that I always loved to engage in when I worked.  I began to wonder what their business sold.  I made a game of it, listening for keywords that would indicate their business.  It quickly became a boring game, they were talking about colleagues, so I did my best to shut them out and continued reading the book that I am reviewing for a friend.

Then, I heard one of them say, "We need to hire more SE's."

My eyes darted up from the page, was I hearing what I thought I heard?  I began to eavesdrop, I needed to know more.  The conversation shifted to another topic as I sat and wondered if I should jump up and scream, "Hey!  I'm an SE, I'm your girl!!!"  or if I should just sit and be quiet.

I sat and was quiet, but my mind raced.  I wondered if I should say something to this group of 3, sitting at the next booth... I began rehearsing in my head how I would introduce myself so that I could find out more about the SE opening.

At the end of my meal, I paid the check and stood up to put on my coat.  There was a natural break in the conversation so I walked up to the table and excused myself for eavesdropping.  I introduced myself and told them that I am a seasoned Systems Engineer and couldn't help but overhear that their company could be hiring new SE's.

The woman in the group, she immediately handed me her business card and suggested that I send my resume to her.  I took her card, thanked her and apologized if my intrusion was unwelcome.

So... even if nothing comes of this potential job opportunity, I put myself out there.  I took a chance and spoke up.  It felt good to assert myself.  I'm preparing for the interviews that I see myself going on in pursuit of a very good job.

I've taken the first step, it's all it takes to get momentum going when looking for a job.  It won't be long now before I'm working again.  Once I am, I can afford to pay someone to stay overnight with my mom.  I can afford to have them come early in the morning or to meet her when she gets off the van.

I see a new door opening.  It's beautiful on the other side.  I'm so close to the entrance of life after Care Giving.  I can if I think I can.

For the first time in 3 years, I feel that I can actually get away and work.  I'm excited to work again.  My job search has begun.


  1. Sometimes the Universe sends us serendipity at just the right time!! Hope it turns out well for you.

  2. Dearest Sue,

    The Universe is always sending us grace. It is always sending us opportunities. Your Decree is the power of your will setting in motion the highest powers for your desire. It will be done. Thy will be done.

  3. Mellodee... The Universe sends us what we need, always. It's the way we ask that brings it or repels the very thing we desire. Prema Baba Swamiji taught me HOW to do this years ago. I became a master at manifesting things into my life. I made a game of it... it was fun. Care giving made me forget who I AM. I lost my power and didn't know how to turn it back on.

    Then... I read a article that Prema Baba Swamiji wrote out on the internet. It spoke about Decreeing a thing, the basic principle of the Law of Attraction. Immediately I remembered and just as quickly I changed my thinking.

    I went out in the world. Kizmet happened.

    You can read Swamiji's blog here - http://premababa.blogspot.com

    If you are adventurous, you can visit his website at http://premababa.org

    Baba... Thank you for the reminder. I totally forgot who I AM.

    It was like I was stuck in the mud headfirst and I couldn't tell which end was up or down. I'm grateful to have had you as my teacher. I remember decreeing to the Universe that I needed a teacher and then there you were! It works like a charm every time.

  4. Susan! hello thank you for stopping and visiting me...so you love squirrels too. I did read your story about Rocky and bless you for caring..did I really say that to you?..anyway thank you for caring for this helpless little creature....I would have let him in the garage..that's how nuts I am....I just love animals...would do just about anything to help them...and have.....I hope Rocky is doing well..how about a followup story about him
    and as far as your today post...Good for you
    Jump! I say...we make things happen in our lives
    I will have to read more about you on your blog...thanks again

  5. Thank you for your comment Suz!

    I love squirrels but I don't love them enough to invite them into my home.

    The squirrel is doing well. He hangs around outside, waiting for the nuts that I throw out on top of the snow. He's a friendly and trusting. Now I need to protect him from my cats, especially Sammy... he LOVES chasing him.