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14 November 2010

Our Little Drummer Girl

Yesterday was so much fun, we had my cousin Maryann's little girl come for a visit.

It was a welcomed energy to have in the house.  I'd say the thing I loved the most was watching her learn how to play the drums.

She hit the cymbals with different touches, softly at first, cautiously tapping until we told her that she could make noise.

Girl drummers in bands are cool.

"Look, I'm a rock and roller!"  Our little Princess exclaimed as she posed with the sticks, banging them together like she's seen drummers do.

In our house we love music.  We have different instruments so I thought I'd let her try each and pick the one that she liked the best.

Here she is trying the Ukilleli...

The strings needed to be fixed, it wasn't working very well for her but the size was right.

Ok... what about the guitar?  Want to try it?

She's a natural the way she picked up the huge guitar and tried to play it.  This would make a cool album cover some day when she cuts her first album.  The kid has music in her soul; she has a beat and it's awesome to witness.

Next, I had her try her hand at the keyboard... 

But, the instrument she was drawn back to every time were the drums.  Here's a short clip of our little girl playing drums.

"One, Two, Three, Four...."

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