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02 November 2010

Donna's Bright Idea

On Saturday, my sister Donna took my mom for the day (our Aunt Jay too, Donna did a double duty respite for my brother and me.)

I dropped my mom off at her house only to see my sister driving my mom's old car on the lawn.  I pulled up and couldn't figure out what on Earth she could be doing.

"Don!  What on Earth are you doing?"  I asked as I rolled down the window to the truck.

"I thought it would be nice if I could get Ma's car in the sun so that we could take a picture of her sitting in it."  Donna replied.

"Ahhhh, good idea."  I said and pulled out my camera from my purse.  I never leave home without my camera.

"Ma, come on, get in your car so we can take a picture."  Donna suggested to our mom.

"Oh, no.  I don't drive anymore.  I can't."  My mom replied.

We finally convinced her to just get in and see how it felt to sit in the front seat of her former car.  I told her that we needed to document the memory of her in her car for future generations.

She agreed and made the effort to get into the car.  Here's the little video clip of my mom getting in her once prized possession, her car.

"It's like I'm sitting in a hole!"  She exclaimed once she got in the front driver's seat.  My mom has become accustomed to riding in my truck; she likes being up high and can climb into the truck better than she can get herself into a car.

I took a few pictures and some video for posterity's sake.  One day we'll look at these pictures and movies and have a good laugh which will probably morph into tears because we miss her.

For now, we are enjoying every chance we can with our Ma because once she's gone, all we'll have are the memories.

I'm grateful for Donna's bright idea of taking pictures of Ma in her once beloved vehicle.  She loved her car.


  1. What a nice idea. Its amazing when you are dealing with this disease how you learn to appreciate the little everyday things.

  2. @Kim... thank you. It was a nice idea and now we have some great photos to remember one of her good days.

    @Blogitse... Yes, it is quite a smile. For a few minutes she was able to remember what it was like to sit in the driver's seat of her car.