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12 November 2010

Morning Cat Fights: A Solution

Every morning our 2 young cats fight with each other, a learned behavior that got them outside sooner than later. The cats are relentless with their tussling.  The cats remind me of my nephews when they were small.  The boys would wrestle, practicing moves that they had seen the actors of the WWF (World Wrestling Federation) perform every Saturday on TV.

Just like the cats, they'd play until someone got hurt... then the fun turned into a fight and tears.  The boys drove me insane, always making me yell at them to STOP IT STOP IT STOP IT!

The cats were adding to my morning stress.  My mother had become more difficult for me to care for and the cats fighting every morning was creating an energy that was distressing for me and my mom.

What to do?  I thought and thought, how do I stop them from fighting and hurting each other?  Sammy the cat, he often had wounded paws, Shakti the cat she has sharp teeth and is not afraid to use them.  Just yesterday she brought down a big squirrel.

Here's my solution to the fighting....

Keep 'em separated until it's time to let them out!
The cat carriers solved the morning cat fights.  Now, every morning Shakti jumps in her carrier and waits for the zipper to be closed.  Sammy, he is not so proactive with getting in his carrier; I need to put him in.


  1. BLOGitse... thank you. Sometimes we need to be creative in our approach.

  2. im glad you didn't cage us up back then.

  3. If I had thought of the cage idea you definitely would have needed therapy now!