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29 September 2010

The Power of Prayer

Mary Imagine
In a hospital window
in Milton, MA
"Hail Mary, full of grace, help me find a parking space!"
                                                              Mrs. Ragasa

The Blessed Virgin Mary and I have been buddies for as long as I can remember.  I went to a Catholic Grammar School, one named after my favorite saint of all saints.  No wonder I loved the BVM, she was always so nice and gentle looking to me, she made me feel good when I looked at her pictures.  As a child, I drew pictures of her often; I adored Mary.

My passion for the Blessed Mother hasn't wavered, she is always close and when I pray to her, she always comes through... always.  I learned the little prayer that I opened this post with from my "pen pal's" mom when I visited her in Hawaii in 2001.  Mary, she always comes through, even finding parking spaces.  This week, I needed more than a parking space.

I've had her visit me a few times in this lifetime, always when I'm scared.  Just like a real mother, she comes and comforts me.  I just need to remember to ask her for help because she won't help unless I ask.

On Monday, the day after my mom was discharged from the hospital, we went to Dr. Barton's for acupuncture.  I was scared shit.  I didn't know if my mom would ever come back to where she was before she was admitted to the hospital.  She forgot how to swallow a pill.  She was not well.  I was worried that the time had come for her to go to a nursing facility.

While she laid on the table during her acupuncture treatment, I sat in the room and meditated.  I found myself reciting the Hail Mary in my mind.  I felt the words.  Suddenly, the Blessed Virgin Mary appeared in my third eye.  She came with a brilliant light, I felt relieved.  She came!  

I asked her to help.  I asked her to stand over my mom and heal her.  I prayed.  I opened my eyes with a squint and saw her standing over my mom.  Tears welled up in my eyes.  I felt peace.  My prayers were being answered.

Mom got off the table and she didn't have her hand or mouth tremors.  Her words were coming back too.  The magnet therapy appears to be working well for her in addition to everything else that we do.

In the car on the way home she said out of the blue, "The Blessed Mother came to me today.  She was giving me a healing.... hey, look!  There she is, she's in the back seat sitting behind you."  My mom was back and she was smiling bright.

Thank you Mother Mary!

Goosebumps, followed by a sense of calm.  I told my mom about my meditation and how I prayed for Mary to come and help her.  The power of prayer, it really works.  It helps me to keep the faith during those times when I just want to throw in the towel.  The only trouble is I need to remember to stop and take a moment to quiet my mind and ask for help.

Yesterday, my mother had a very good day.  She was speaking complete sentences even before bed.  Usually she loses her ability to find words when she's tired, but not last night.  She got to talk to my sister Ann on the phone, we never imagined that would happen again.

Who knows how long we have with her, each day that she wakes with a semi-clear mind is a gift.  

Even when she woke up at 3am this morning was a gift, she was happy.  Somehow she turned on Pandora Radio on the computer;  I found her dancing in the dark to Louis Armstrong singing, "I Left My Heart in San Francisco."  

I am amazed at the power of prayer. 


  1. I was with Sue when Mrs. Ragasa said that line.
    Now, every time I go somewhere I will say out loud or just in my mind 'hail mary, full of grace, please find me a parking space'. I believe she will.
    The result always amazes me.
    It can be a busy night at the mall when you would normally be happy being 20 rows out. I will drive up to the first or second row. Either someone will be pulling out when I am showing up, or there is one magical spot waiting for me.
    After I light up with a smile, I always say thank you Mary. I know she hears me, and all of us.

  2. Isn't it cool how it works? Faith moves mountains.

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