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09 September 2010

Better When We Are Together

My reunion with Maryann today was like a scene out of a really sappy movie.

A movie where the plot continues to thicken, chaos everywhere, building over the years like a cancer.

A tension that is felt between us, one so volatile that there didn't seem like there would ever be a chance in hell for peace to prevail.

If you told me a week ago that today would happen, I would have asked you what you have been drinking and or smoking?

Today however, we had our twist in our family movie... Maryann and I had our movie scene, the one that would make any grown man cry.

Family... God do we need them, every single individual is important in a family.  I have learned that each person, blood relative or not, if they are part of your family, they are valuable.

Petty arguments are stupid.  I mean, really idiotic.  It's usually about something said, something that wasn't meant to destroy a person, just sting them a little.  We always hurt the ones we love the most.  It's just how it is.

The blessing to witness is when family can find it in them to forgive, move on and continue to love.  All families have it in them to put their egos aside and feel the love, the original love, family love.  Once you feel it, all the fighting seems senseless... probably because it is!

Fighting is dumb.  It robs families of love, the one place where love should always rule.   My dad and Uncle Al, they totally understood that fighting was not very good within families; they realized how fighting destroys us and our dreams.

Uncle Al, during the entire time that Maryann and I were fighting over him... he never gave up trying to get Maryann and me to patch things up.  When my husband would ask Uncle Al, "What do you want?"  He'd always tell us, "I want Maryann and Susie to be friends again, I want to see them together."

Uncle Al said this to me so much that I couldn't argue with him.  I tried my hardest to connect with my cousin.  I was sorry for hurting her and I wanted to help her.  I was ignored.  I got angry.  Very angry.  The silence made me believe that I was right about all of my assumptions and I got even more angry.

The nursing home where Uncle Al was living, they were nasty.  It is apparent now that they were fueling the family feud.

Uncle Al never gave up hope.  He prayed and prayed.

I gave up.

My mother's mental state declined and I couldn't see Uncle Al anymore.  I had very little time off and any time I did have to myself, I used it for myself.  I needed ME time; rarely did I get time off, it felt like I was in prison.  Guilt did eat at me; I felt guilty for abandoning Uncle Al... AGAIN!

My mom's been hallucinating about Uncle Al.  She has been asking me where her brother went for months now.  She sees him, has full conversations with him and then he's gone.  My mother has gotten angry with me because I told her Al was in Danvers, in his nursing home... "NO HE IS NOT!" She would insist.  Little did I know, she was right.

How was I going to manage to get to see Uncle Al with my mom?  A true dilemma.  I didn't know how to solve this problem, so I prayed to my buddy the BVM (Blessed Virgin Mary) one day and gave her the trouble.  I believed the question would be answered... somehow.  I forgot about it.

Out of nowhere a few days ago, Maryann contacted me.  We talked.  We emailed.  It was awesome to hear her voice, to talk to her and to talk to her little girl on the phone.  So darn cute!

Today we granted Uncle Al his greatest wish, to see us together again as friends.  We visited him in a new nursing home.  A beautiful place with kind staff.  The place is bright and sunny, lots of windows for the patients to look outside at the feathered visitors to their bird feeders.

Today was the scene in our family's movie where everyone says... "Wow!  Didn't see that coming."

The sound track for this scene in our movie is Jack Johnson's, "Better When We Are Together", my mom's new favorite song.


  1. so glad you had an opportunity to grant uncle al his request. but smiling even more about you reconnecting with someone so dear to you!

  2. Thanks Roschelle... I'm really happy about how this turned out. I love my cousin and missed her a lot.

    Uncle Al, when he realized what was happening, he perked up and talked up a storm. Albeit it was about pictures of naked women, but hey, he was talking and making us laugh.

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