I am not a doctor. I am providing information based on experiences that my mom has with natural remedies. The purpose of this blog is to help folks to educate themselves. Use this information with your own discernment.

25 September 2010

Back Door Logic: The Review By Shinnerpunch

A couple of months ago, I was reading one of my favorite bloggers at Inconsequential Logic and she posted her review by "Ask and Ye Shall Receive" or more intimidatingly known as, IWillFuckingTearYouApart.blogspot.com .

Roschelle set a challenge at the end of her post commenting on her review, "are you brave enough?"

Being who I am, I said, "Hell, ya!"  I submitted my blog and like Roschelle, I forgot about it until one day a couple of days ago, I got notice that my review was ready.  Wooo hooo... dare I read it?

Most of Shinner's comments were valid and I was excited when I saw how annoyed non-caregiver folks felt when they read some of my posts; exhausting was the common theme.  Sure it's exhausting, try walking in a Care Giver's shoes just for one day, do you have the stomach for it?  Who knows.  Everyone is different with different motivations for doing what we all do at any given time.

Ignorance is bliss.  Ignorance can be cured with awareness.  My blog documents the last days that I have with my mother.  Who knows how long any of us have, but I do believe that we need to live for today because tomorrow just may not come.

Preachy?  I like to call it passion.  I am a passionate writer.  I can't describe it, it's more like I found my voice while writing this blog.  My earlier posts, like Shinner noticed were staccato and synthetic; I was a new writer.  I began writing every day with out fail.  Some of my posts were not very good but I wrote and published anyway, even if it was repetitive.  Today, writing comes easily.  I am a writer because I write.

Repetition?  Sure I have repetitive posts, one day they will be combined into one awesome chapter.  Shinner's advice about not writing the same thing over and over, good advice and I'll keep that in mind when I write.  

However, I see the key words that people use for searches and Fenugreek and Diabetes is a big search topic.  I have witnessed first hand the power of this herb and how it absolutely helped cure my mother of her debilitating disease, diabetes.  I could write a whole book about diabetes, food and fenugreek; it's needed.  

One day if you ever get word from a doctor that you have diabetes, I hope you remember me and look up how we cured my mom with out all the synthetic drugs.  Repetition is also good for ratings on a specific topic.  Like writing every day, writing about the same topic over and over helps me to find my voice about the subject.  Sorry if anyone finds it boring, just skip reading me that day.

My blog outlines my personal growth as I help escort my mom to the bus to heaven.  We never know when that day will come when my dad comes for her, but we're enjoying every day like it is the last.  

It was a challenge getting to the place where we are right now, but we did it.  My mother, she's doing fabulous.  She dances like a young girl and she's 81.  Today, she will dance with her Great Grandson at his 2nd birthday, something we never imagined would happen.  All the anguish, pain and sadness has been worth it because life is about people, people bring us happiness... family, they're important and we all need them around us, even if you don't think so right now.

My hope is that I have raised awareness about Care Giving, what it's like for me and others who chose to do it like I have done.  Young readers, you can't see it coming, it surely seems like it's a long time away, but time, it speeds up as you age.  You can now consider yourself informed, you can no longer be ignorant when you have been made aware; my blogs intent.

We all have choices to make in life, each choice brings joy and sorrow, especially when faced with a parent that has lost their mind.  I am not sorry for anything because everything that I've lived through with my mother has helped me to be who I am today.  I like who I am and have no regrets.  

One day when my mom is gone, I will feel satisfied that I had done all that I could while she was alive.  Knowing this fact, makes me feel good.  Hell, what's so bad about that?

Thank you Shinnerpunch for the fine review and helping me to raise awareness about dementia and Care Giving.

I ask once more... are you brave enough to have your blog reviewed?


  1. awesome!!!! i noticed your "do you have guts" over on your sidebar. i'm headed over to read your review right now. but like you said it's only that a review. you know your purpose and the number of people you're helping including yourself.

    you rock and DO have guts!!!

  2. just read your review!!! so proud of you. you really rocked.

    isn't it amazing to see how much time and effort those guys put into the reviews. no wonder it takes so long.

    congrats sue!!

  3. I am truly honored for the time that Shinner spent reading and reviewing my blog...My book will be way better because of the review. I am grateful to you too Roschelle, for "hooking' us up!". I love your posts.

  4. my pleasure. i wish i had waited for the review. back when my spotlight moment occurred i was blogging about "blogging". wonder what they'd think of the new direction?

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