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26 January 2011

Rocky the Squirrel... He Is Still Alive!

My last post was on Friday last week.  I wrote about a squirrel that fell out of a tree during a snow storm.  I was clearing the driveway of snow when the Adventures of Rocky the Frozen Squirrel began.

Here's the post for anyone who missed it.  The Adventures of Rocky the Frozen Squirrel.

Today, I was clearing more snow and treating the ice on the driveway so that no one slips and falls.  I heard squirrel sounds coming from the squirrel's 2 room condo.

Rocky, he is still alive!

The temperatures were extremely cold, below zero for a couple of days and nights.  Nights that seemed to become even colder when the sun went down.  I had become ill with the flu and wasn't feeling well enough to tramp through the snow to see if Rocky the Squirrel was still alive or just a frozen corpse in the box.

Sunday last week, after juicing myself up with chicken soup made with Astragulas and taking homeopathic remedy oscillococcinum, I ventured out to look in the boxes that I had set up for the injured squirrel.

Walking toward the box, he heard my steps and made a sound.  I heard him.  Carefully, I peeked inside the box, not wanting to startle him.  I had visions of myself running around with a squirrel attached to my face like Bill Murray in the move Caddyshack; the scene where the gopher jumped out of its hole and attached itself to Bill's face.

Rocky survived the coldest part of the cold snap.

All around and into the box are squirrel prints.  I think Rocky likes his new home.  Let's just hope he goes back up into the trees when his injured leg heals and doesn't decide that he wants to move in with us.


  1. Hurray for Rocky but I can't stop laughing at the thought of the Caddyshack reference.

  2. Glad you are feeling better.
    HAPPY that Rock is doing well, and I, like Kim, have a pic in my head of you out running a squirrel!!!