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09 January 2011

Attention Rt. 3A Drivers... I Refuse to be Bullied

There is one main road where I live that is the most stressful road that I've ever driven because folks make a one lane road into a two lane freeway!

I drive a truck about the same size as the gray truck in the picture.  One false move and a potential car wreck is in the future of some unsuspecting travelers. Pot holes are like land mines, sneaking up on unsuspecting motorists.  Danger prevails especially when vehicles swerve to avoid a direct hit with the hole; often the direct hit is with another vehicle.  The mentality around this stretch of road sucks and I am on a mission to change how people drive on it.

I have driven out of my way to avoid travelling route 3A.  I never liked it because people are aggressive on this road, definite road bullies; true Massholes.

Because I drive a big truck, I have taken it upon myself to change how people drive on this road.  No longer do I avoid taking this road; I am now deliberate with using it to get from point A to point B.

I drive in the center of the road.  Fuck the assholes who snuggle the nose of their cars up my tail to the left or right in an attempt to bully me into pulling over.  I am now saying NO to the road bullies.

I drive the speed limit. I watch for cars pulling out of local stores.  I pay attention to my environment and I drive in the center of the small road.

It's been six months since I first decided to take control over this road, driving in a single lane as it was designed so many years ago.  Yesterday we traveled down the road in a single lane of traffic and many people followed me.  No one tried to tail gate me and get me to push over to the left or right.  It was more peaceful and satisfying to feel that I had taken control over the road bullies.

Rt. 3A does not scare me anymore because I don't allow aggressive drivers to intimidate me; especially drivers in small cars.   I drive in the center of the single lane.  I refuse to buy in to the lunacy of driving with less than 6 inches between me and the car or truck next to me.  It's stressful and does not feel safe.

Attention Rt. 3A driver, I refuse to be bullied just so that you can get 5 feet in front of me and step on your brakes.  If you can't be nice when you drive, take the bus.


  1. LOL...Oh, the memories! I drove a Honda Civic in the late 70's. You know the little roller skate Honda! I had one of these roads to go on in Texas. Now granted it was 30 years ago and I was alot feistier...but I pulled over a 13 wheeler and gave him a piece of my mind for driving like a a-hole and almost running me off the road. Scared the crap out of my hubby who was with me. But you do what ya gotta do...right?! You go girl ...take those road bullies and turn it all around!!!!

  2. Karen... we could be made from the same cloth! I have no fear confronting people who piss me off, much to the chagrin of my husband.

    Rt 3A in Mass is the worst, people turn into complete ding dongs. It only takes one to lead with confidence and most will follow.