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24 March 2009

Who's that Strange Man in my Room?

Well, for the last few months my mom has been stuck on the idea that there's a strange guy who comes in her room and plays tricks on her.

My mom got really mad at me on Sunday because I told her there isn't any strangers in the house. She also got mad at me when I told her that she IS in the basement and we don't have another basement below the house. Again, she insisted she was right.

I have found that this strange man shows up when her blood glucose is above 129 and if she eats Bread, Pasta or preservatives. I've also discovered that it takes about 4 days for the ill effects of bread, pasta and or preservatives to pass.

This morning I woke up and my mom was all agitated. She told me that the strange guy showed up and turned her purse inside out. She continued to tell me that she isn't crazy, that the purse was inside out when she woke up. She was worried that the stranger was going to steal her money but all he did was mess with her.

I assured her that there isn't any stranger in the house and that it's her mind playing tricks. I told her that it's best not to fixate on the strange man because her mind will create an untrue reality that will make people believe that she's insane. I told her that I know she's not crazy, but she could become crazy if she doesn't just let the visions go when they come.

About 15 minutes later I brought my mom a cup of tea and she said, "You know, thinking back at the visions, it's kind of stupid that I get so nervous."

We talked about the visions and how they seemed to go away completely when she stuck to a fruit and vegetable diet with lots of fish protein.

She then told me that at 4:30am she thought she'd get up. Instead, she fell back to sleep but thought she woke up. This is where the strange man comes in...

*queue the scary music*

My mom told me that he told her that he was stealing her money. She woke up on the opposite side of her bed with her purse inside out. Her power of belief is so strong that she believes the man is real, in a sense he is real because ...

MY MOM IS THE STRANGE MAN! She is the one who is hiding things on herself in the middle of the night when she's sleep walking. She's also the one who turned her purse inside out.

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