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20 March 2009

What causes hallucinations?

Yesterday, I thought I'd try a little pasta in the chicken soup that I had made for the moms and me yesterday. I absolutely LOVE egg noodles in chicken soup and know that my mom does too. My mom in law could care less about them.

The soup was delicious. I put a couple of drops of fenugreek extract into my mom's bowl of soup. I thought that the fenugreek would help reduce the glycemic index for the soup as a whole.

The soup with the pasta noodles, about a cup of noodles, only raised her blood sugar levels 30 points. She went from about 111 to 143. That's not bad. We were pretty psyched thinking that we had found a solution to eating pasta, our favorite. It's the ultimate in comfort food for my little Italian mom.

A couple of hours had passed and I went downstairs to visit with my mother. She was all wild eyed and talking about needing to go to another part of the house. She wanted to see if the worker guy was going to follow her. She was telling me that the house is spooked. She packed her little black canvas bag (I mean, it's a little bag) with random things that must have seemed important to her at the time of her packing.

She had to get out of this house... this was her main focus. So, I let her obsess as I told her that it was all going to be OK.

I reviewed in my mind what she had eaten and drank. The only big change was the pasta. It really is poison to her system and even with a few drops of fenugreek in her soup, it still causes strange visions for her.

I did some research on the web, to see if I could find a link between diabetes and hallucinations, here's a forum that I found which sort of describes what happens to my mother.

My mom is going to see if she can check her blood sugar when she starts to see these visions of hers. It will be a good way for us to pin point exactly what she can and can not eat or drink.

Additionally, when she doesn't exercise she seems to have more visitors that are not there.


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  3. I want to make a post about Gluten Associated Dementia. If you have diabetes or know someone who has it and you hallucinate or have cloudy thinking, cut out wheat gluten, rice, rye, barley and potato from your diet. We did this with my mom and the hallucinations have stopped. Her thinking is more clear and she's able to communicate with everyone. She laughs at the appropriate times and even throws in a few of her own funny punch lines... just like the old days. So... there is such a think as gluten associated dementia. I wrote a post about it here - http://backdoorlogic.blogspot.com/2009/09/does-wheat-gluten-cause-dementia.html