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06 March 2009

Uncle Al Goes to Building 19 in Haverhill

Oh, those of us from Mass. all know about Building 19. In my opinion it's the best store around for getting good stuff cheap.

Years ago when Uncle Al was still driving, he would come over to my house in Groveland, pick up my mom and they'd go shopping over the Groveland Bridge in Haverhill. The Haverhill 19 store is the best. I knew it would be good for Uncle Al and my mom to take a trip to our old neighborhood and familiar shopping.

First, we drove by the old house on Salem Street. Uncle Al didn't remember the house. He vaguely remembered the name of my old street.

When we got to Building 19 he knew EXACTLY where he was and was pretty excited.

I thought I'd make this blog interesting and take a shot at making a candid video of our shopping trip. I had 15 minutes of video that I cut down to just under 1 minute.

The intention of the video is to help Uncle Al live on even after his time is up. He has a granddaughter that he doesn't know and who doesn't know him. Maybe one day she'll want to know who her Gramps is and I'll have video of him to give to her.

Following is the video of an regular day of shopping with Uncle Al and my mom. My mom usually takes off with the cart and gets lost in the aisles and Uncle Al likes to roam and touch everything. My time is spent following Uncle Al around so that he doesn't get hurt and looking for my mother.

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