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03 March 2009

Susie, am I crazy?

How do I answer this question after my mom just finished telling me about "the little girl" who visited her in her room.

There is no little girl here.

Fortunately I've been studying dementia and how food effects my mom. What I've found is she can't even eat a crumb of bread or a grain of rice or she'll have hallucinations of people coming into her room or the room changing.

Today, after I explained what I've learned about blood sugar and how it affects the mind to my mom, we decided to stick to the no bread, no pasta, no preservatives rule... so far, so good.

For breakfast she had oatmeal with 1/4 cup of raisins and a little no fat milk. Lunch we had a steamed artichoke and a salad. Dinner will be roasted chicken and steamed cauliflower and string beans.

I'll know tomorrow if my mom is crazy or just gets demented because she's eating carbs.

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