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28 March 2009

Love that Melatonin!

Last night, I was well prepared to have a good night sleep for myself because I had given my mom a 30 mg melatonin tablet with a cup of nighty night tea. I also shut off the light next to her bed and put a low light at the opposite end of the room so that she could see if she needed to get to the bathroom at night.

I was able to convince her that shutting the light out was causing her the trouble. I told her that it was like a torture treatment, where you are never allowed to sleep... no wonder she was seeing things and going crazy.

My mom has worried about "the crazy gene" as long as I can remember. Her biggest fear was passing this on to her kids. I never forgot it because she always worried about it and told me that she didn't want us to be crazy and that she was sorry she passed it on to us.

Anyway, her crazy gene is dementia. Yay!

Now, I love my sisters, brother and my nephews but if I can avoid being their nurse then amen to that. The whole purpose of this blog is to write notes so that later down the road I can write a manual for everyone who has my genes. It may save them a lot of agravation because I can tell you right now, once Gram and Rachel move on to the other side (Uncle Al too) I'm pretty much going to be on the Golf Course as the Golf Swami!

I digress...

Today, Josie woke up feeling great. Her readings were all awesome. Wooo Hooo!

Unfortunately, I notice termites coming out of a wall near the outside door that is next to her room. I set up the vaccuum and gave her the task of sucking the bugs up before they got into the room.

Thank God we took care of the hallucinations with Melatonin, that's all we need to hear Knock, Knock, Knock... "Susie. The bugs in the room, they're.... "

I believe my mom was sleep deprived. She was hallucinating because she didn't have enough sleep. Her internal clock was screwed up. Man, isn't that a torture tactic?

The pineal gland is pretty darn amazing. I need to do more research and thinking about this interesting gland... I've got so much more to say about it.

Yay for Melatonin!

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