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19 December 2011

Passion Never Dies

Ma and her adopted babies
December 2011
"Oh, how did this happen?!"  My mom exclaimed to me today when I gave her another baby to look after.

"Really Ma?  You have to ask?"  I replied in shock.

Laughing, she covered her face and said, "Oh!  That's right."  My mom laughed and laughed.

"Isn't she cute?  Look at her eyes."  My mom continued as she gently brushed her babies face.

Another resident yelped.

Mom, laughed again, believing that she had heard her baby had spoken to her.

"Did you hear that?" Mom laughed as she cuddled her baby.

"What's the babies name?"  I asked.

Mom stammered and stuttered, trying to say the babies name.  "I can't say it."  She tried again, literally trying to spit out the new babies name.

"I adopted these two. I love babies."  My mom said to me in a matter of fact way as she held her two babies.

"This one is a day and a half."  My mom told Basil, the young man who does activities for the folks.  She continued on to say,   "Tomorrow, I am getting another one."

Mom, she loves her babies; passion never dies.