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20 November 2011

How Many Months?

Life is short.  

We all get only so much time to experience the living aspect of life.  Reaching the mid-century mark of my existence on Earth, I realize how much more living I have to do.  

Time goes by quickly.  No longer are the days drawn out like those from my childhood.  Drawn out days which felt like eternity; especially when I was waiting for a specific date to arrive like my birthday, Christmas or a school field trip.  

Time.  We can't see it but we can experience it.  The beauty of living is we have choice, we have free-will; we can spend our time any way we chose.

Have you ever wondered how much time you have to do all that you want to do?  Have you ever thought of your life in months?  If you multiply 12 by the number of years you are, you will be able to determine the  approximate number of  months you have lived on Earth as the person you are right now.

Me?  I'm about 614 months old at the writing of this post.  614 is not a very big number, especially if you look at it in the form of currency... $614 USD is not much money; it's not much time to make your life count.

My mom, she's lived about 986 months.  

How many months are you?


  1. I need to comment... My mom is still alive.

    The point I was attempting to make with this post is that if we look at our life in a different view, we can imagine new possibilities that will bring inner joys.

  2. I so really feel your pain ... especially with your dealing with other siblings. You have been a saint and are truly blessed for all you have done on this journey!

    My thoughts are with you!

  3. Great news to hear ... just wanted you to know that all your efforts have been for the good, and your Mom has benefited from that, but perhaps your siblings have not had that opportunity ... how sad. Been there doing that, from this end.

  4. I am 636 months old. Which isn't THAT old eh? lol

  5. What an interesting way to look at things. I never thought about myself in terms of months, so upon reading your post, I immediately figured it out. And you know what? I feel pretty new to the world after doing so. I'm only 314 months old. That's it. Weird, huh? Not that I ever thought 27 years was old, but it does sort of put things into perspective in a different way to hear you say you are 614 months old... and your mom is 986 months old... Thanks for the perspective. Thinking of you.