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08 August 2011

Sweet Moments

Mom and her Great Niece during a visit last week
Even though my mom is in a facility, she still has good days.  It's not easy to do, but with a bit of effort on my part, she is happy most days.  Visits matter.  Walking with her every day matters more than I had realized initially.

Last Friday was my birthday.  Happy Birthday to me.

I made a batch of gluten free chocolate cupcakes with ingredients that I had in my cupboard; I shared them with the residents at the home.

My mom loved them; so did Harvey.  "I want a cupcake!"  He would holler from wherever he sat.

I didn't visit her Friday night; too many cocktails at my birthday lunch.

The nurse on duty gave folks cupcakes Friday after dinner.  Mom, she sat with the cupcake in front of her as she sang "Happy Birthday to you...."  She was singing to me and I missed it!

A sweet moment; a priceless gift from my mom that came from her heart.


  1. Awww it's a shame you missed that but I am happy that the reason you missed it was too many birthday cocktails. You deserved a little time with your hair down. Happy belated birthday

  2. Those sweet moments are priceless. It has been sometime since I have stopped by. Took a break from blogging, just getting back.

    Happy Birthday. I really hope you got to do something nice for your self. you really do deserve it.

  3. Happy belated birthday! Cyber friend!

  4. Sorry for the delay in thanking everyone for the birthday wishes.

    THANK YOU! Each message brightened my day.