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17 August 2011

Hey, What Time Is The Train Coming?

Every day visiting the home is a new adventure into the unknown; bravely I open the door to the locked dementia unit.

Tuesday, mom was sleepy so I tucked her in bed for a nap.  No sense having her sleep in a wheelchair; it didn't look very comfortable for her.

I sat with Bob, the man who worked with my dad 33+ years ago when dad drove airport limousines for a living.  Bob was the dispatcher; he liked my dad a lot, they were friends.  I remember Bob when I was a kid and I'd pick dad up at the bus station after work.  I would wait for Dad to arrive sometimes and Bob would talk to me.

How wild is it that he is in the same facility as my mom?

During my visit with Bob, he spoke about a winning ticket and that he won $42 dollars playing a number.  He was excited and talking about his hallucinations; oblivious to everything going on around him.

Sitting across from Bob was a woman resident who was the first person I have seen pleasure herself in a public place.  It was shocking the first time I saw her going at it, looking at me as she said, "It feels so good honey."

Yikes!  I made a mental note to never smile at her or make eye contact.  It was working out well for me until yesterday, I smiled at her while she sat across the table from us.  Immediately she began to rub private part as she flicked her pointed tongue at me as though she was ready to give oral sex.  It was like the start of a senior porn horror movie, what was next?

"It's comingggggggggggggg honeyyyyy!"  She screamed in delight as her pleasure mission finished successfully.

I glanced at Bob.  He had no idea that this woman was masturbating in front of him, he was busy telling me about his trip to New York the night before and how he won $42 bucks on a number.  He was fixated on his winning hallucination.

Ignoring the woman across from us, doing my best not to make eye contact, she reached her hand toward Bob and said, "I LOVE HIM!  I WANT HIM!  Come on honeyyyyyyyy.  It feels so good."  Rocking and bouncing in her chair, she continued to rub herself, anxious for another successful launch.

Bob was oblivious to the amorous advances; his only concern was, "Hey, what time is the train coming?"

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  1. Don't worry Bob, sounds like there's one coming every few minutes.