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27 March 2012

Surgery Cure for Diabetes.... Seriously?

Who knew that diabetes can be "cured" by lap band surgery?  When I saw a news report today, where a medical doctor was touting that diabetes can be cured by surgery, I nearly fell off my chair in disbelief.  Surgery to cure diabetes... seriously?

In my opinion, the doctor was less than truthful.   He never answered questions about a change of diet to naturally cure diabetes.  He didn't seem like he wanted anyone to know that whole foods will cure diabetes. His whole reason for being on the "so called news" this morning was to SELL his procedure.

The new lap band procedure for diabetes makes no sense at all to me except that someone is making money on the backs of obese individuals with diabetes.  I wonder how many new yachts these surgeries will be funding?

I have personally witnessed and helped my mother who was 125 lbs. overweight and an insulin dependent diabetic taking 62 units of insulin everyday.  My mom was obese.  She failed on her own at attempts to lose weight, she had no energy.  She ate processed foods and very little whole foods.

Life happened. 

I began my blog, Back Door Logic where I documented my experiences as my mom's care giver.  I wrote about how my mom got off insulin and her Lewy Bodies Dementia condtion.  I discovered that food matters and if you eat processed foods, you will more than likely become diabetic.  

If you want to keep eating stuff in a box or GMO foods that have been genetically engineered or sprayed with pesticides, you can expect a life dependency on pharmaceutical drugs.  The lap band procedure is  dangerous and risky surgery; it's elective surgery.   Surgery is a crazy solution because it isn't going to change how someone thinks about food.  People can continue to eat the processed foods that got them in their obese state in the first place.  

The only way to stop diabetes is to change your diet, period, end of story.  You don't need surgery to change your diet.  I am convinced that 10 years down the road we will be hearing how folks who had the surgery are insulin dependent again and the surgery was a waste of everything.

It has become apparent to me that processed foods create a need for synthetic drugs.  Observing my mom's progress using food as medicine, I had discovered that the American diet doesn't provide the  body with enough nutrition to heal itself let alone keep us drug free.  Processed foods are not nutritious; read the labels and see for yourself.  

Do you ever wonder why so many people are so fat these days?  I am asking myself more and more, is this so called phenomenon of a diabetes epidemic intentionally created in order to sell more drugs or procedures like lap band surgery?  What other great ideas will the "scientists" come up with in order to keep everyone a slave to medicines?

In my opinion, healing people isn't profitable for the pharmaceutical industry or even some in the medical community.   Are new illnesses manufactured in order to promote profitable drugs and procedures?  Seems like a big scam to me and everyone is at risk.

Doctors wonder why people don't trust them like our parents did 50 years ago.  It's easy for doctors to be enticed with wealth and recognition.  It sort of reminds me of animals who eat their young, no compassion, only concern for self preservation.

In a nutshell, save yourself the pain and dangers of surgery; eat better, it works.  You can naturally drop weight once you begin to give your body the nutrition it is craving.  It isn't difficult.

Eat REAL food.

Whole foods are the only real foods because they help the body heal itself; real food can not be patented, it is not profitable for anyone except organic farmers and the consumer (you and me.)   Food is your best medicine for good health and a happier life.  

It is possible to kick the processed food habit.  I did it.  My 82 year old mom did it... she even beat diabetes, you can too.

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  1. You are right. I have decreased the amount of protein from meat in my diet and I juice every day now. I feel great! Most Americans over eat and eat processed, unhealthy foods. Have you watched the documentary Forks over Knives? It speaks to what you are talking about. Cheers to good health!

  2. Cityencounters.... Thank you for commenting. I never saw the film you referenced; I will watch it. Fresh juice from vegetables is amazing. Drinking a bit on an empty stomach sure does provide a power boost of energy. Folks are missing out on good medicine at a fraction of the cost.

  3. Susan, Where are you? Is everything okay?

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