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25 February 2012

The Action Figure Mobile

Looking in the rear-view mirror.... ACTION FIGURE MOBILE!
Friday was a beautiful day; a good day to visit my mom at the nursing home.  Driving along 3A, music playing, singing and feeling good about my life; I noticed something odd in my rear-view mirror.

On top of the car someone had glued action figures.  Lots and lots of action figures.  Spiderman stood in Super Hero fashion, holding his fist to the air with his blue cape flapping in the wind.

I laughed out loud.

Hoping for traffic to back up so that I could look and snap a picture for posterity (and this blog post); the traffic light turned red.

I wondered how many motor vehicle accidents the Action Figure Mobile has caused?

I stopped just before I took the right turn on 2A, camera ready, I waited for the car to pull up beside me.  The driver stopped too.  She didn't seem to want her Action Figure Mobile photographed.

I got a picture anyway.

Action Figure Mobile

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